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When Dennis Erectus passed away in June, one of my very first thoughts was of Fran (formerly Frank) Bennett. I wondered what her reaction was, and actually got as far as composing an email to her...but I deleted it unsent. To call her final years in Bay Area radio challenging barely scratches the surface - she was living as a woman full-time, but had to be "Weird Old Uncle Frank" again as soon as the mic was hot. I thought perhaps a reminder of those days might not be welcome from anyone, much less a stranger.

Every so often, one is happy to be wrong.

Fran - now living in Austin and working in multimedia development - had offered up her services to put together a video for Dennis' memorial in September, and posted it on her website shortly thereafter. For those of you who never had the opportunity to hear Dennis in his heyday, be warned: He was one of the original shock jocks (in case the stage name didn't give it away), and some of the airchecks in this video are about as rude, crude, and socially unacceptable as they get. For those of you who remember the man who made 98.5FM "the sticky spot on your radio dial," stick it in your ear one more time...

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