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An intake counselor from La Ventana called me back today...

...and recommended I seek treatment elsewhere.

She's in recovery herself, so she knows the sort of emotional wringer the IOP is likely to put me through. When she heard I'd been working with the San Jose office before it closed, and realized that moving forward with them would mean 2+ hours of commute time on top of the 4 hours in-program every day, she encouraged me to look into a program closer to home.

She recommended the same facility I contacted last year (reassuringly, their website has been revamped since the last time I was on it), and gave me her direct line to call if I didn't hear back from them in a timely fashion, so she can go through her resources and make additional suggestions. I emailed the other clinic earlier, and we'll see what happens.

EDIT: Okay, that was incredibly promising. Not only did the clinic director get back to me tonight, he offered me an appointment tomorrow. (Which I sadly had to decline, as the one other person in the office who can cover for me is already out during that time frame. I've offered up alternate times, and we'll go from there.)
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