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Hi Kristen;

I checked your benefits.

Deductible $500.00
Out of Pocket Max. $4,500.00

Insurance will pay for 65% of billing charges.

You will be responsible for 35% of biilled charges plus the $500.00.

Our full day program is $600.00 per day of which $210.00 per day would be your expense.

Our half day program is $400.00 per day of which $140.00 would be your expense.

Once you reach your out of pocket max of $4500.00 your insurance will pay 100%

At the half day program insurance will only cover 30 days per calendar year.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.

I am able to do an intake tomorrow at 1200.


Leaving aside the fact that the only time this person hasn't screwed up my name so far is when she hasn't used it...

The quote above is $30/day more than I was quoted at La Ventana for their half-day program, which is what I expect to have recommended to me again. (I note with more than a hint of bitterness that I will reach my out-of-pocket max in 32 days...) There is a reference to financing on CH's website; I will have to see if they offer any sort of need-based scholarships like LV did.

I just keep thinking that the Universe noticed I'm about to make the last payment on my car, so it gave me some fresh debt to keep things interesting.

More tomorrow.
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