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Okay, I've had several remarkably generous offers, and it's time to get this show on the road. I'll be putting each offer behind its own cut tag, and once again, all offers will be screened. DON'T LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU - several people have agreed to multiple slots. Once you've commented with your interest, I'll respond with the email address to forward your receipt to, and you can work out shipping, etc. details as relevant directly.

To recap: I have a 35% copay for the intensive outpatient program I am currently in, plus a $500 deductible; my employer has generously offered to cover half that cost, but that still leaves me on the hook for almost $3,000.

I'll keep the post updated as often as I can. As with the original request for contributions, feel free to boost the signal. (A version of this post is also available on my Tumblr, and you're welcome to reblog there as well.)


[livejournal.com profile] capplor offers:

I'm a bit hesitant to offer crafts I haven't made, unless it's clear that I have a VERY long lead time (dayjob, kids, you know), but I made a Hawaiian-shirted Cthulu that I don't know what to do with.

I haven't photographed yet, but it's the same pattern as this guy with glass eyes, grey skin, and variagated shirt. Somewhat different from the pattern I linked to, because I gave him legs & a fat tail so he can stand.

However, I can make penguins on demand -- they're fast & easy.

SUGGESTED DONATION: $10-15. I haven't actually spoken with Robin yet about how many offers she's open to (oops), so let's keep it at two penguins, plus the 'thulu, unless I hear differently.

[livejournal.com profile] fimbrethil offers:

copper & glass necklace 12 gauge copper necklace with glass beads. Necklace part is 18".
pearl & acrylic necklace 2 strand pearl and acrylic necklace. Shorter strand is 18", longer strand 20".
green vine necklace 18" strung glass bead necklace.
charm bracelet 8" charm bracelet. Chain embellished with glass and metal with acrylic charms.

She is also open to commission work; please inquire and I'll put you in touch.

[livejournal.com profile] gloraelin is offering three individual homemade cards, custom; I will find out if she has samples available online.

[personal profile] lilalanor offers:

  • 1K of fic in any fandom I am familiar with ($10). It can be something I've talked about writing that you'd like to see me write, something you'd like to see me write and so forth. (I won't write non con/rape presented as okay or really explicit violence/character bashing or really explicit porn or porn involving scat or water sports but otherwise I'm pretty good.)
  • 2K of fic plus fanmix ($20)
  • A scarf ($20-$40 depending on length and materials wanted).

Lil's fic can be seen here. Six slots available.

[personal profile] ladyotterfae is still evaluating her availability, but has this to offer, courtesy of her beloved:

Okay, D is feeling crafty, so he sprung at the chance to do something useful with said craft-urge. He makes hand-sewn rustic leather-bound sketch/journal books, button-closed. We have dark blue or black leather at the moment. These would be pocket/purse sized, somewhere in the neighborhood of 3"x5" - 4"x7". Size and color choice could really be up to the donor. I'll try to get you a picture of one of his prototypes soon, since there are a few around the house.

SUGGESTED DONATION: $12. ONE journal currently remaining; possibly more to come.

[profile] zegrockle offers the following books:

Says Zeggy: "The last two are former library books, but in fair condition. The rest are new or like-new, so I thought I'd make the cover price the suggested donation for them." Titles with an asterisk are in paperback; all others are hardcover.

[tumblr.com profile] copyx offers: "7 bucks for a full-on Celtic Cross reading on whatever topic." Ten slots available.

A friend not on LJ/DW/Tumblr has offered a variety of healing therapies:

I normally charge $30-60 per session in house (I'm in Saratoga 2-9pm on Tuesdays & Berkeley on Thursdays by appointment only). This includes whatever modalities I see fit to use (acupuncture, herbs, tuina, fire-cupping, chakra balancing, kinesiotape, moxa, reflexology) but may range in time from 10-90 minutes.

Ten slots available; multiple slots may be purchased by an individual.
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