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I've spent the past week and change working my way back to 100% medication compliance. It had gotten far enough out of hand that I didn't pack any of my meds for vacation, which led to a rough conversation 2/3 of the way through the trip. So I promised [personal profile] gridlore I would get back on the horse once we were home, and I have.

Of course, we're not just talking about "my crazy pills" (as we affectionately refer to my antidepressants). I was completely off the reservation with my metformin and my simvastatin, as well. So, as I get back to therapeutic levels on that, things like my satiety cues are coming back online.

Which is awkward when you don't realize it's happening, and make your plate for dinner as though nothing has changed.

I still owe folks an actual post about the trip; our postcards have finally started arriving (postmarked 2 May - our own fault for asking the front desk to send them rather than finding the post office, which was apparently right by the Ayasofya), and once I've got them all back and in order, I'll be able to order my thoughts a little better.
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