Nov. 17th, 2016 10:25 am
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Those of you who have been reading me for a long time will recall earlier posts of mine trying to find what could best be described as "Cliffs Notes for the News" - I know that I'm woefully uninformed, but attempts at cover-to-cover newspaper/newsmagazine reads tend to bounce off my skull.

I appear to have found what I've been looking for.

[personal profile] gritsinmisery linked to theSkimm on her FB shortly before the election. Founded by two women with a background in TV news, it has become as indispensable as morning caffeine for me. This morning alone I've read about a series of suspected arson fires in the South that have burned 80,000 acres and the latest round of airstrikes in Aleppo (Gary Johnson, are you listening?). If the past week has taught me anything, it's how vital it is that ALL of us learn more about the world we inhabit, and I feel like I'm finally making steps in the right direction towards that goal.

I should have shared this earlier in the week, because through the end of today, for every person who signs up for theSkimm through referral links like mine, FEED will donate a meal to a child in need through one of its global giving partners.

Check it out.
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