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kshandra ([personal profile] kshandra) wrote2016-11-26 09:21 pm
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Inspired by a tattoo photo on FB...

I need someone to design me a pair of stained glass windows for my Lottery House. (Everyone has a Lottery House in their dreams, don't they?)

In one panel, a vine with the Thirteen Night-Blooming Flowers, and a scroll reading "All Knowledge Is Worth Having." In the other, a spiral adorned with the Thirteen Jewels and a scroll reading "Everything Has A Price."

Take that, Sarah Winchester!
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Those would both be so amazing.
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[personal profile] ashbet 2016-11-27 05:41 am (UTC)(link)
OooooOoohhhhh!! That would be NIFTY!!

(Damn, I wish I were any good at floral motifs...)

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Kira: "It somehow sounds very Castlevania!"