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As previously mentioned, [personal profile] gridlore and I had Plans for Small Business Saturday, which all went immediately out the window between our collective bad night's sleep and the weather. So today we gave it another shot.

And lucked out, because not only was Game Kastle's Black Friday sale still running, the book Doug wanted was discounted even further. So between today's score and the Thing I have planned for him to open on the day itself, his $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping is done, and he now has a budget for me in return.

From there, we checked out Illusive's new location in the Franklin Mall. There are a lot of fun little restaurants in there (including a Japanese place with a tatami room); I'm going to need a dining companion to check some of them out.

After that, a quick stop for groceries, and then back home. I missed the Harvest Festival craft show this weekend, but that was going to be an all-window-shopping trip out of necessity, so it's probably just as well.
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