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kshandra ([personal profile] kshandra) wrote2017-03-12 09:58 pm

Today is the first day of the rest of my medication.

Saw my doctor this week about changing my diabetes medication. The one I was originally prescribed, while it had worked beautifully for me when I was first on it four years ago, had done nothing but cause me severe gastrointestinal distress (leaving-work-early severe on more than one occasion), and it never went away. If I tried taking it during my meal, I had massive bloating; if I took it more than X minutes after I ate, it was cramps and worse. One of my fellow coworkers is a diabetic himself and had been telling me for several weeks "Look, it's none of my damn business, but you need to get off of that stuff," and I finally did something about it.

Of course, me being me, and compliance being something I struggle with on the best of occasions, having one of my meds revolt on me meant that taking any of the rest of them rapidly went out the window, as well. So the labwork I had done this weekend is going to be a mess, but I'm braced for it.

Anyway, tonight I took my first dose of Januvia; I've got four weeks worth of free samples, and we'll see if my insurance will cover the script outright or if I'm gonna have to fight for it. (It looks like the manufacturer has a copay card for it, as well, so I've got options if it comes down to that.)
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Best wishes for the meds change!

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Fingers crossed that this works well for you.

Love you.

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Here's hoping this one works better!
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Best of luck!! <3

What were you taking before? Metformin has been a GI struggle for me, but the other health benefits have been good.

Hope the new med works out for you!! :)

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To your good health!

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Good luck. I'll say no more because the issue is personal, but... good luck. Be well, and better, and, you know, *happy*. If you can, I mean - don't feel guilty over not being happy when I'm wishing you'd be happy because that really mucks with the whole good wishes thing and oh dear lord how far am I going to get into a total nonsense sentence before I just give up and admit I've lost any possible shred of normalcy of the good kind?

(NB: About that far, I guess.)

Anyway: be well, and happy! And good luck.