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Because it's been a while, and I've picked up some new friends since the last one:

I was introduced to Jamberry Nails in 2015 by a dear friend. I'd always been a fan of my awesome friends' awesome manicures, but I gave up trying to maintain my own years ago - I'd spend all the money on having them professionally done, and I'd screw it up before I even got home from the salon (seriously, I dinged two nails beyond recognition once just getting back into my car). But after doing Jamberry's 7-day challenge, I was a convert.

The company has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two years, successfully landing license agreements with Disney/Marvel, the NBA and NFL, and DC (as a tie-in to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie). I'm reaching the halfway point in my current virtual party, and I could use a push to get to the next reward level.

Check out http://bit.ly/GGJamsSample for free samples to start your own 7-day challenge. If we're friends on Facebook (or willing to be), the party is here, and there's still plenty of time to get in on the games we've been playing.

Date: 2017-05-12 11:31 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] elf
elf: Dandelion puff (Dandelion break)
Your virtual party thing says it's on May 7 at midnight, which seems like a rather difficult time to attend.

I don't know what the Facebook one says; I don't have a FB account.

I have zero experience with manicures - I have nails like the finest saran wrap; I have to trim them before they get long or they fold backwards on me.

Date: 2017-05-13 01:16 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] elf
elf: Silhoette of autumn scene; one glitch sitting on a park bench, another leaping in the air (Glitch - Autumn Day)
Glitch art isn't CC, or rather, is the lowest level of CC - it's public domain; no restrictions at all on use, credit not required, etc.

Scion would be nice but might be too tiny to create at that size, but the purple wallpaper pattern would make terrific nail wraps.

Date: 2017-05-13 07:10 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] elf
elf: Rainbow sparkly fairy (Default)
Only trouble with the wallpaper is that I have no idea where the original art is; wallpapers aren't part of the Glitch encyclopedia. It must exist in the github archives but those are incredibly hard to navigate.

The emblems would work well as thumbs for themed sets... Spriggan thumbs and all 8 trees for the other fingers, or Zille thumbs and beryl, sparkly, dullite & metal on other 4 of each hand.

Date: 2017-05-15 01:15 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] guruwench
guruwench: one of my roses (Default)
I'm so sorry I can't help out with this one; we're moving very soon and life is pretty chaotic at the moment. Thinking good thoughts for you to get more orders!


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