Dec. 27th, 2005

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Got the hiccups while I was driving [ profile] gridlore to work this morning. It's never a good time to have the hiccups, but while behind the wheel is particularly suboptimal. The following conversation ensued:

"President Pat Robertson."

*laughter* *hiccup*

"New lead singer of Queen, Michael Jackson."

*more laughter* breathlessly "Don't make me laugh so hard when I'm driving, my eyes close!"

"Just trying to scare the hiccups away...."

Fortunately, they stopped fairly soon after that. I shudder to think what he would've come up with next!
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(crossposted to my journal and [ profile] burning_man)

I spoke with Scott's wife last night; at this point, the only certainties are that the memorial will be the second weekend of January, somewhere in the Oakland/Berkeley vicinity. Please check this thread on the ePlaya for details as they finalize and for rideshare information.
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