Mar. 6th, 2007

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Woke up an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off this morning. Started to cough. Didn't stop for 45 minutes. Evil, horrid, generally "productive" cough; I sounded like the sea lions at Pier 39. (Though I do think most of them are still heavier than me. :-P) And Mother Nature's Pregnancy Test is due back today or tomorrow, so I'm a real piece of work. Called/emailed my supervisor and agency rep and told them it just wasn't happening today.

Just talked to [ profile] gridlore; he says to start braiding bedsheets, 'cause he's ready to blow the joint. (There was a complete failure to read his chart last night at shift change; despite giving him a sleeping pill and a note saying not to disturb him between 2300-0600, they woke him up TWICE.) If he ever actually sees his doctor today, he's going to ask if there's any reason they can't finish the infusions on an outpatient basis - and if there is, if they'll at least let him take a friggin' SHOWER, 'cause he's starting to feel like the main reason his head still hurts is because his hair's so damn dirty. (Which was oddly reassuring to hear; I know I start getting headachy if I haven't washed my hair in too long, but wondered if it wasn't just a psychosomatic thing.)

My throat and my abs hurt from this morning's unexpected workout. I've gotten outside most of a pot of tea; I'm gonna go back to bed for an hour or two, check back in with Himself, then run a couple of errands that will go over better with face-to-face interaction.
kshandra: The Burning Man effigy, lit in blue neon, arms by his sides; an orange half-moon is visible over his shoulder. (Gaze)
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Got over to see Doug around 5 this afternoon; he's more than ready to come home. He actually got to talk to a doctor about it today, and was somewhat mollified when the doctor said that they'd be happy to deal with this on an outpatient basis except for the fact that his temperature keeps spiking, which says he's still actively fighting this thing. So he's willing (if not exactly content) to sit with cold packs in his armpits and behind his head for another day or two. In much the same way that getting the cancer diagnosis helped his outlook ("if it has a name, we can fight it"), he now has a specific target, even if it isn't something he can consciously work towards.

Wandered down to the cafeteria (nowhere near as impressive as Stanford's, but it'll do) and grabbed a few random things so I could have dinner with him when his tray arrived; we joked a little bit about the extremes it takes to actually get us sitting down for a meal together. Watched the last half of The Maltese Falcon on Turner Classic Movies while we ate (a vast improvement over endless repeats of Sister Act 2), then took a brief lap around the floor (our second one of the visit; the nurses want him to get up two or three times a day to keep his muscle tone up). As I left, I checked in with his nurse to make sure he doesn't have any dietary orders on file, and will bring him a personal pizza from the Round Table across the street tomorrow. :D I also checked to see if his disability paperwork had been completed yet (it hadn't, so the nurse left a note on the front of the chart for the doctor to take care of that). We're gonna need that money sooner rather than later. Made the car payment today and had $9 and change left in the checking account when I was done. :-P

I'm feeling better than I was this morning, mercifully; copious amounts of hot tea are helping with that (accompanied by Nyakers ginger thins - not the ginger snaps I remember from childhood, but the taste of the two together is a wonderful comfort). Back to work in the morning...and while I'll be thrilled if Doug calls to say "the fever's gone, get me the hell out of here," I'll be just as happy to finish out my work day in relative peace. My supervisor has been incredible through all of this, but I'd really like to stay in her good graces for the rest of the assignment, and the sooner I no longer need to play fast and loose with my schedule, the easier that's going to be.
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