Dec. 10th, 2015

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The Süleymaniye Mosque (as featured in our cover photo) has been near the top of our to-see list for as long as we've been planning this trip. But while this may have been the final resting place of Suleiman the Magnificent, it was not his only resting place. Though his body was returned to Constantinople, historians believe that his heart and other internal organs were buried at the site of the battle where he was killed, in a tomb erected on the site where his tent had stood.

And now, there is evidence that the lost tomb of Suleiman has been found. (No, we will not be planning a second trip to Hungary, much to [personal profile] gridlore's disappointment.)
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I've been terrible about keeping this thing updated lately, and I want to get better about it, because my life hasn't just been dead cars and fundraising, I swear.

[ profile] myrkrida posted to the Book of Face a few weeks back, asking if anyone was interested in seeing Odysseo, as it was totally not her housemate's thing, and she wanted someone there to ooh and ahh at all the pretty with her. I blanched a little at the ticket prices, but she insisted upon calling it a Yule present.

The show was last Thursday, and BOY, was there a lot of pretty. 70 horses and 45 performers worth of pretty.

Due to the way the Grand Chapiteau Blanc is set up, accessible seating is in the front row. We were less than ten feet away from the edge of the ring. That bit in the video with the horses running through the water? Is an actual portion of the show - they flood the front half of the ring for the finale, and we got splashed as the horses ran by. They come so close at curtain call that we both had to sit on our hands to keep from reaching out to pet them. (Kimmi resisted the urge to splash out for the VIP tickets, which include a post-show stable tour, but it was a very near thing to hear her tell it. ;-) )

It was also just good to spend some time hanging out with Kimmi; this past autumn hasn't been very easy on either of us, so having a few hours where we could both just forget about Real Life was emotionally nourishing.
The only sour note of the night was the travel portion of the arrangements. All of the advertising I'd been seeing had said the show was at AT&T Park, so I'd been expecting to go through the gate at Willie Mays Plaza and see something set up out on the green; instead, it was set up in the parking lots south of the park, meaning a half-mile walk between the venue and the train station. (I perhaps should have known better, having seen the original Cavalia tour set up here in SJ and knowing what it looked like, but I've also been to other non-baseball events at the park before, including one with an ice rink set up just past the pitcher's mound, so it wasn't an unreasonable assumption from where I sit.) I also misremembered the CalTrain schedule, and thought there was a southbound train that left at 2300; it actually left at 2240, which was just as we were getting out of the show, and I wound up having to wait for the last train at midnight instead. (Adding insult to injury was the realization that for the cost of what I spent on a round-trip train ticket and parking at the station, I could have driven to SF, parked at the venue, and gotten home two hours earlier at the end of the night.)

I made a valiant attempt at going to work the next day, but I was utterly fried; I left at lunch and promptly slept for three hours upon getting home. It was absolutely worth it, though.
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