Jun. 30th, 2016

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I still owe people a proper write-up of our trip. This is not that post.

[personal profile] gridlore and I had a delightful experience with a Taksi driver on our last day in Istanbul. We got in his cab at the Military Museum on the "new city" side of the Galata Bridge, hoping to be taken to the Mosaic Museum in the old city. He had almost no English and did not recognize the location we were asking for. We stumbled through a few options before finally settling on Ayasofya (which was within walking distance).

Our driver was about as unfamiliar with the Old City as some of my former SuperShuttle co-workers were with the SF Peninsula, and took us on a hysterical tour of smaller and smaller streets winding our way up from the coastline, with him occasionally stopping to stick his head out the window and ask for directions from passersby. We wound up down a short hill from the Imperial Gate to Topkapi Palace, located on the back side of Ayasofya. He actually took less than the fare posted on the meter (I think because he didn't want to fuss with making change), we thanked him, and we made our way up the hill.

I find myself wishing we'd taken his picture. I'm hoping it wasn't Erol, or Mustafa.



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