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Woke up an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off this morning. Started to cough. Didn't stop for 45 minutes. Evil, horrid, generally "productive" cough; I sounded like the sea lions at Pier 39. (Though I do think most of them are still heavier than me. :-P) And Mother Nature's Pregnancy Test is due back today or tomorrow, so I'm a real piece of work. Called/emailed my supervisor and agency rep and told them it just wasn't happening today.

Just talked to [livejournal.com profile] gridlore; he says to start braiding bedsheets, 'cause he's ready to blow the joint. (There was a complete failure to read his chart last night at shift change; despite giving him a sleeping pill and a note saying not to disturb him between 2300-0600, they woke him up TWICE.) If he ever actually sees his doctor today, he's going to ask if there's any reason they can't finish the infusions on an outpatient basis - and if there is, if they'll at least let him take a friggin' SHOWER, 'cause he's starting to feel like the main reason his head still hurts is because his hair's so damn dirty. (Which was oddly reassuring to hear; I know I start getting headachy if I haven't washed my hair in too long, but wondered if it wasn't just a psychosomatic thing.)

My throat and my abs hurt from this morning's unexpected workout. I've gotten outside most of a pot of tea; I'm gonna go back to bed for an hour or two, check back in with Himself, then run a couple of errands that will go over better with face-to-face interaction.
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