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We cannot thank you enough. Have some more eye candy to celebrate.

The Hodjapasha Cultural Center is located near Topkapi Palace in the Sirkeci district, and is built in a restored hammam that dates back to the 15th century. (You'll be hearing more about hammams from us later in the campaign.) Below is a montage from Rhythm of the Dance, which combines folkloric dance from the region with more modern styles of bellydance. I'm incredibly excited about the prospect of seeing this show.

Rhythm of the Dance from HODJAPASHA DANCE THEATER on Vimeo.

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[personal profile] gridlore and I just got an amazing offer from my employer.

Between now and Thanksgiving, EarthBaby has committed to matching, dollar-for-dollar, every contribution we receive, up to a total of $4,000.00. This gets us to the $10K mark, at which point we can seriously begin booking flights and making reservations.

In addition, some time in the next week or two, we will be able to offer a great perk to everyone who contributes $50 or more. Details to follow.

You can see the wide range of contributions we've gotten so far - everything from $1 to $500. Every one of these contributions gets us closer to our goal, and for the next two months, every one of these contributions gets us twice as far.

Teşekkür ederiz, once again, to everyone who has contributed so far; if you haven't yet, and have been thinking about doing so, please consider doing it during this matching period. And whether you can contribute or not, please, PLEASE boost the signal. It's every bit as important that we get our campaign in front of as many fresh eyeballs as possible.

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I remain humbled and grateful, and will find the time to respond to all of you individually at some point.

As those of you who follow us on social media have already seen, [personal profile] gridlore and I spent yesterday afternoon/evening in the ER, after a drop in his potassium levels left him with one foot that wasn't responding to his commands as we were walking through the mall. Fortunately, we were less than 5 minutes from the hospital, and were in and out in less than 5 hours, but it only serves to underline the importance of making this trip happen sooner, rather than later.

I want these updates to be focusing on the positive aspects of our fundraiser, though, so here is today's eye candy. Istanbul Sirkeci Terminal was built in 1890 as the eastern terminus of the legendary Orient Express. Today, it houses the Istanbul Railway Museum. Doug wants a trench coat and a fedora before we go to visit, and it's not hard to see why.

Sirkeci-station Orient Express.JPG
"Sirkeci-station Orient Express". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


Again, thank you all for your support, in whatever form it takes.
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This is without question the biggest thing either of us has ever asked for, and that makes it damn scary. No doubt there are some of you who will call it irresponsible; that's your right, and I'm not going to try and change your minds. But [personal profile] gridlore asked, and there were friends of his who said they would be willing to help us if we put the word out. And so we have.

Click here to see our Indiegogo Life campaign
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Get paid Friday.

Wake up overdrawn Tuesday.

Because we spent a third of my check on GROCERIES, for fuck's sake.

And now [personal profile] gridlore and I are arguing over my going back to therapy. (Figure out how I'm going to pay for it, universe, and I'll be there tomorrow.)

This is going to be an awesome fucking day, I can just tell.


Jul. 31st, 2014 10:34 am
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Walked out this morning to go to work, and noticed that some of our camping gear was moved. Asked [personal profile] gridlore about it; he didn't do it, but we decided it was enough to make us move his cot (mine was already under the futon in the living room, where I'd put it after buying it last year) and our back-up tent (the cabin tent is in a HUGE storage bin all on its own) into the house.

It wasn't until I came back out to get in the car that I realized someone had stolen our cooler.

It looks as though I can replace it at either Costco or Target today, which is great. And really, we'd been living on borrowed time, leaving the gear unsecured in our carport; we don't currently have renter's insurance (though I'll be correcting that ASAP; it was a godsend when they took EVERYTHING from our locked garage back in '09), and even if we did, that single item wouldn't come close to making our deductible. I'm just glad that's all they took; they left the 5gal. water cooler, Doug's new cot, and both tents.

But the money I'm using to replace the cooler was the money Douglas and I had put aside to go to dinner tonight, to celebrate the anniversary of his not-dying after the stroke last year, and I'm PISSED.

(And as I noted when I posted this on FB earlier, I know this just sounds like passive-aggressive begging, and I'm just too tired - physically and mentally - to give a fuck.)
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$20 shipped anywhere in the US; I'm willing to get international postage quotes, but it won't be cheap. I will get better individual photos of the scarves eventually, but I just wanted this done.

Back here )
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There's a (not-quite) full tank of gas in the truck, some extra groceries in the fridge, and enough money in the PayPal account that I can get cash back off a small purchase tomorrow and get the checking account out of the red before I get dinged for their "Extended Overdraft Fee" or whatever the hell they called it. Once that's done, I should still have enough left that I can finally put in the 2014 Upgrade disk I got from Quicken and start following my money more closely again, and then renew my membership at the therapy pool after the 15th (when it becomes $30 rather than $50).

I was able to go visit [livejournal.com profile] pentaclemoon last night for her birthday and stay up far too late chatting (okay, snarking) with her, [livejournal.com profile] cruz531, [tumblr.com profile] myrkrida, [livejournal.com profile] thesylvan, and [twitter.com profile] KobaltBleu, and spent the drive there and back working my way through the WTNV archive (I've just finished "A Story About You"). I paid for my late night by spending the day dead for tax purposes; I finally got out of bed for good about an hour ago, and am now making clean-out-the-fridge sourdough bread pizzas for breakfast/lunch/dinner/whathaveyou.
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[personal profile] gridlore and I were hit with over $100 in overdraft fees this week; I'd transferred funds from our emergency savings account when I got the "low balance warning" email, but we're still $40 in the red after that posts. I'm draining the rest of the funds from savings to cover, but that was money we had specifically set aside to get my car roadworthy again once Doug got his license back. There's less than a quarter tank of gas in the truck, the payment for which is due on Monday, and I don't get paid for another week.

I hate doing this, but any help you can offer would be appreciated. The PayPal address is purplekoosh at gmail. Boosting the signal is welcome.
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...when you're so busy juggling medical expenses that you forget the rest of the utilities.

Until they start getting shut off.

(It was just the landline, and I had enough money in PayPal to fix the problem right away, but still, one more headache I didn't need.)
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The response to my last plea has exceeded my wildest expectations. I'm going to start sounding like public radio here, but you gave and gave generously, whether that contribution was financial, a signal boost, or in several cases both.

My brother thinks he's diagnosed the problem with my laptop (I'll be in the market for a new hard drive soon, alas...), so now that I'm back on my own machine I can set about thanking you all individually.

But first, I need to pay some bills. Thank you for making it possible.
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...I go home at lunch to take [personal profile] gridlore to his occupational therapy appointment...

And my laptop isn't booting up.

Less than 72 hours after my brother got it running again.

I swear I'm gonna dig a hole, crawl in, and pull the hole in after me.
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Good news: [personal profile] gridlore's supplemental Medicare insurance was approved while we were gone last weekend.
Better news: The policy is retroactive to 10/01.

Bad news: We now have to come up with $524 for them by 11/01.

And I'm getting daily phone calls about our outstanding cable and internet bill - which they've already reduced for me once, but is still $200.

And we're starting to get phone calls about the imaging bills from Doug's hospital stay in August.

And the rent is due in a week.

I am fresh out of cope...and out of shame.

The PayPal address is purplekoosh at gmail. I know money is shit for everyone right now, so I certainly don't expect anything, but even just a dollar will help. And if you haven't got a ha'penny, boosting the signal is welcome.

All comments screened.


Oct. 22nd, 2013 11:32 pm
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On the one hand, my brother was able to take apart my laptop, blow about 5lbs. of playa dust out of it (seriously, we used 2/3 of a can of compressed air), put it back together again, and get it to run.

On the other hand, I went to get in my car afterward, and discovered I'd gotten a parking ticket (street parking tends to be challenging in [personal profile] murphymom's neighborhood, so I pulled into the driveway behind her and got tagged for obstructing the sidewalk).

On the gripping hand, a $55 ticket is almost certainly less than it would have cost me to take the computer to a shop for diagnosis and repair.

On the octopus half (tm [livejournal.com profile] janetmiles), the list of other places I could use that $55 is not short.
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I'd never seen a six-digit hospital bill before.

Fortunately, [personal profile] gridlore's Medicare coverage took our cost share down to about $2K, but that's still more money than we have to spend on anything right now. (And that's on top of the $900 in bills we've already received.)

And I appear to have broken the application site for MediCal - after uploading all of Doug's pending hospital bills, I can't access my half of the profile any longer to upload my ID, the utility bills (all of which are in my name), etc.

Good fuckin' times, let me tell you.
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Even though it appears no one at that hospital talks to each other. But I'll get to that in a bit.

[personal profile] murphymom and I had a wonderful morning, doing a bit of shopping for her trip tomorrow, grabbing lunch, then going for mani-pedis together. We went to a slightly pricier salon than usual, but the treatment you get there (a hot-stone calf massage as part of the pedicure!) is worth it, IMO.

We had quite literally just gotten started at the salon when my phone rings, and [personal profile] gridlore asks me, "How soon can you get here?" It's something like 1:15, and he hasn't been able to eat yet today, because nobody can tell him whether or not they're doing the *&^%$#@! abdominal CT that they had to reschedule from last night.

I had a second load of laundry I'd been planning on doing once Mom dropped me off, but instead I grabbed my knitting and a bottle of soda for each of us and headed over to the hospital. Mercifully, by the time I got into the truck, Doug had come back from x-ray and had been able to order lunch.

I was pulling into the parking lot when I realized that I'd neglected to grab his earbuds and an extension cord for his phone charger. I figured I could at least get the former at the gift shop, but when all they had was Hello Kitty, I opted against it. :-P Walked out in time to see Doug's mom about 20 feet ahead of me; managed to get her attention, and we went up to the room together. She left after about an hour.

Somewhere in here, the kitchen called to find out if Doug would be placing a dinner order; he let them know he was still waiting to hear on his testing schedule, and promised he would call back before they closed.

Doug's rash has finally subsided enough that he's able to move without pain (the inflammation has been such that his skin was too tight; anyone who has ever dealt with edema knows exactly what I'm talking about here), so PT came by. He actually did two laps to the elevator and back, with a break in between; we had an entertaining discussion about cane sugar Coca-Cola while he caught his breath. The therapist gave him some stretching exercises to do in bed before he stands up, just to loosen the skin while the inflammation continues to subside...and then said that he'd looked steady enough that I'm welcome to take him for walks when I come visit! She asked that we call the nurse the first time we go out, just so they can observe and assure themselves that I'm capable of handling the situation, but that we should be fine on our own after that.

Had a visit from one of the rapid response nurses after the PT session; their team was alerted to Doug's case after some of his recent labwork, and they wanted to check in and make sure he wasn't at risk for sepsis or anything equally special. Satisfied that there was no cause for concern on that front, she took off, promising Doug she would check in with his primary nurse and ask her to find out if he was scheduled for anything else tonight.

When the nurse came in with his afternoon meds, she asked if he had ordered dinner yet. :-/ And then told him to go ahead and do it anyway, because they could always reheat something for him if he did get sent to CT. He didn't call in an order, largely because lunch was late enough and large enough that he really didn't have an appetite, and he was planning to doze on and off for the rest of the evening. I took that as my cue, kissed him goodbye, and left.

Got home early enough to do my second load of laundry, and had just brought it in from the dryer when the phone rang. It was Doug, calling to tell me that they'd moved him to a new room (he'd been in a semi-private with no roommate, and they'd had a patient come up to the ward who needed the extra space for some reason or another). "They would have to do this after they'd already given me my sleeping pill," he said...

And they'd sent him a dinner tray anyway. o.O He never even opened it.

Tomorrow I'm taking advantage of the fact that I'd already said I would be coming in late; obviously, we no longer have the conference with his treatment team at Mission Oaks, but I'm using that time to go to the Social Security office and find out what needs to be done to reactivate his previous federal disability claim.

Now, though, it is past time for me to go to sleep. And so I shall.
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Writing this post is incredibly fucking difficult, because once I put it down in words it will be unavoidably real. But it has to be done. )
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  • Ate breakfast (turkey & cheddar on the toast left over from Wed/Thu at Mini Gourmet)
  • Electronically signed the paperwork for ACCC
  • Filed [personal profile] gridlore's disability paperwork
  • Renewed Doug's MedicAlert membership for three years (with thanks to the contributions I've received for expenses) and brought ALL of the information current

Still to do:
  • Take my fucking meds already!
  • Shower
  • Laundry (was supposed to go to [personal profile] murphymom's for this, but I think I may just do one load here to get me through)
  • Stop by work to print out receipt from disability form
  • Hospital; add receipt to chart for his MD to certify the disability claim
  • Stop by Doug's office to pick up his insurance check
  • Meet [livejournal.com profile] plymouth at Hobee's for yarn geeking and dinner

Need to steal Doug's "DONE" stamp icon.
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  • Spent ~90 minutes on the phone with a rep from ACCC - more important than ever with [personal profile] gridlore's sudden illness - and signed up for their Debt Management Program, which will cut the amount I spend on debt service by more than half. Still to do: Electronically sign and return the paperwork; contact the creditors and close the accounts in question (not strictly necessary, but recommended, as it looks better that way).
  • Stopped by my now-former PT facility to return my ID wristband.
  • Took my name off the schedule for volunteer shifts at Burning Man. Even if Doug comes home within the week, I'm not going to be ready to leave him alone by the time I'd normally be getting on the road.
  • Ate and slept regularly.

Still to do:
  • Start the process for Doug's new disability claim. The good news is they've automated the process; the bad news is the site was offline when I checked it earlier today, and I have a blistering headache now that is not conducive to completing paperwork.
  • Write and send off the check for Doug's Medicare Part D coverage; G_d knows he's going to be needing some medications in the immediate future.
  • Write and deliver the rent check (which needed to hold until tomorrow, anyway, for Doug's check to post).
  • Sleep some more.
  • EDIT: Figure out when the *&^%$#@! LJ is going to get its head out of its fourth point of contact and crosspost this already.
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The funds are back in my WePay account as I type this; hopefully, Chris will make good on their word and expedite the transfer into the correct account. Once again, kudos to them for handling my error with aplomb and empathy.
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