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After deleting about half a years' worth of LJ entries (I posted VERY PROLIFICALLY back in the day) one at a damn time, I suddenly wondered: would just deleting my whole LJ do the trick? Are there side effects of that which make deleting entries manually more desirable? Like... how much do I care if somebody camps the elynne handle on LJ? Would deleting the entire journal actually (probably) get rid of the information in the entries, or is deleting them one at a time more secure? or less secure? or equally (in)secure? Any ideas?

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We never did figure out what was in our mead. An upperclasswoman who – perhaps crucially – was a biologist who liked to party hard, counseled us that if it didn't taste like something we wanted to drink, maybe we shouldn't be worrying so hard about whether it was something we could drink. Thus we resigned ourselves to the obvious and sadly fed it to the kitchen sink. Some weeks or months later, she actually found exactly the phase-state diagram we had needed and made me a photocopy; I may still have that piece of paper somewhere in my stuff.

Context had an annoyingly hard time figuring out which part to quote....

Happy Exam Week, I'm drowning in a pile of presentations and reports and exams. Thankfully I only had to add a 6-point curve to the exam, so hey, good work, kids.

I know the update schedule for STW has been really off for essentially the entire past month. I think that's reflective of a number of factors and there's really only one solution that I'm happy with, but I'll address that at a later date. Let's cross that inevitable bridge when we come to it, eh?


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I really need to work out *in advance* which machines (desktops, tablets, phones) can post where without issues when I want to post stiff to different services. _Reading_ here there and everywhere doesn't seem to be an issue, but posting gets that way, hence my being apparently awol for a few days here yet not elsewhere, because I have different options available at each location I live at.

Currently I'm in London - came back this afternoon to check on the post as I'm waiting to see whether the ESA people are going to demand a medical - but the post on the mat didn't include anything from them. So I concluded I'd wait to see what was in tomorrow's post before heading to get other stuff prepared for later in the week.

It was only when my mum phoned and pointed out that Monday is a bank holiday and that there'll be no post that I discovered the slight problem with this plan. Whups. :O


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Name: angelique, and missangelique999 has been my handle for many, many moons
Age: thirty six years young
Location: floriderr, usa
Gender: specifically female

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: music is life. wannabe film buff. night beach lover. sarcasm, because it's legal to stab people with words.

Top 5 Fandoms: I don't have the fandoms down pat, yet.

I mostly post about: the fam. life. and lists. & I share art I appreciate.

I rarely post about: fandoms. teehehe

My last three posts were about:"speed dating(with friends)", a "delightful" smoothie recipe, & a 10 year personal health map.

How often do you post? several times a day.

How about commenting? I comment more than I receive. I love to give.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
cleaning minion

Posted by John Scalzi

Back at home. For good, this time. For a whole month and change. I hardly know what I will do with myself!

(What I will do with myself: 1. Catch up on sleep. 2. Pet the cats. 3. Write more on the next book.)

To everyone who came to see me on tour, all the booksellers who hosted me, and all the friends who kept me sane on the road: Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a wonderful time. But I am glad to be home.


Moving images?

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Hey there,

I've got a question I'm hoping someone might have some insight into! I previously hosted my fandom manips on LJ and hotlinked them on DW, but now I'd like to get them off LJ entirely. However, I also use the LJ images to post into Archive of Our Own.

When I try to link to dreamwidth hosted images on Ao3, they only show up intermittently or not at all. I've heard some talk that DW hosted images can only be used on DW, does anyone know if that's true?

If that's the case, what is everyone else using for their non-LJ fandom image hosting needs?


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Name: Logan
Age: 24
Location: Chicago, IL
Gender: Genderqueer

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm a fairly goth, music, and art obsessed person. I'm studying to become a therapist. I love animals, I'm loyal, and I am fairly creative. INFP, Gemini sun/Sagittarius moon, empath.

Top 5 Fandoms:
I do not really participate in fandoms, to be honest.

I mostly post about:
My life, goth things, clothes, music, animals, art, gender/trans things, mental health stuff.

I rarely post about:
Legitimate fandom things. I might post about liking stuff but I don't really follow or post about things to the extent of really being involved in a fandom.

My last three posts were about:
-The goth club night I went to last night
-The CDs I purchased
-My plans for the summer

How often do you post?
I've been posting fairly regularly. Not every day. I'd like to try to post on an every-other-day schedule, perhaps, but I think that would be easier if I also had more people with which to interact!

How about commenting?
I don't really have enough people to subscribe to to comment a lot, but I do try to comment on posts with regularity!

Here is a post

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Name: Sareini, or Kat (darkkat on LJ)
Age: 37
Location: Somewhere in the middle of the UK
Gender: Mostly female with male leanings

Describe myself in five sentences bullet points or less:
- Widowed, no children, two cats
- Has depression, OCD, severe anxiety and panic attacks, and PTSD
- Lover of many geeky things, including comics, video game and (nearly) all things horror, particularly zombies and found-footage (for my sins)
- Discordian Taoist
- Have filled my house with yarn in my ongoing quest to knit and crochet all the things.

Top five fandoms:
- Horror movies
- Comic books (specifically Loki, X-Men and the Bat-Family)
- Criminal Minds
- DC's Legends of Tomorrow
- Steven Universe

I mostly post about:
I'm getting back into having an online journal after stopping for several years (back when I was on LJ). Hearing about the latest disaster that LJ had become, I decided to move over here (to another long-abandoned journal I made for gaming stuff years ago) and so I don't have too much of a regular contents list as of yet. But so far it's mostly cats, my ongoing cornucopia of mental illnesses, movies I've seen (mostly horror), comics and whatever random stuff strikes my neurons. I'm also trying to get back into writing so occasional strange snippets of things - fanfic and originalfic - will probably appear. Oh, and I also swear a lot.

My last three posts:
- Comics recommendations for my brother
- Seeing GotG Vol.2 (some spoilers behind a cut)
- Ranting about the setup of my local brick-and-mortar media store

How often I post/comment:
I'm trying to post every day, unless all I have to post is something like "Still alive. Cats still alive. Weather cloudy," because that could get repetitive fast. The same goes for commenting, although my anxiety can trip me up with that sometimes.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:

charlies_dragon: (MerlinBBC - Arthur smirking)
Name: charlie or dragon
Age: old enough to know better, young enough to try anyway
Location: England

Tumblr/Goodreads/IG etc.:
These can all be found on my profile page :)

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
Oh my, you don't ask for much do you o.O Here goes nothing.

I read (and write) slash, het, gen & multi fanfic, watch/read the same in books/tv shows/films etc. & happily make art for all types of pairings as well.

I knit (and sometimes crochet) and have far too many WiPs but am always happy to add another to the pile, and wish that I had time to dust off my sewing machine and make proper use of it.

I'm an older sister and generally the person who, when no one's in charge, takes charge, but when I had an official Myers-Briggs assessment, the assessor said I was an exactly balanced introvert/extrovert and that she hadn't seen one before...

My love for the fantasy genre & pretty much all things dragon, let me show it to you *opens wardrobe to Narnia, the doors to Hogwarts and the front door of Bag End*

Music is very important to me, for the music itself as well as the memories attached to it.

Top 5 Fandoms:
Currently, and in no particular order ...
- Harry Potter
- Stargate (SG-1 & SGA)
- Black Sails (I need to actually watch s4 *whistles innocently*)
- Game of Thrones (books & TV)
- MCU (mostly the films, I'm rather behind on a lot of the TV/Netflix shows *pouts*)

There's plenty of others that I'm all a-flail over, but these are the ones that I'm either desperately reading fic for, discussing with friends/family like woah or practically counting down the days until it's back on TV (such as Sense8, back on Friday!). Most of the others are either small/obscure or the show's finished so the fandom's quiet (yes, I know that Stargate's been over for a while now, but see my face and how much I care?!) or in some cases, practically non-existent.

I mostly post about:
Fandom, my life, the two mixing, occasionally knitting related things. There isn't really anything that's Not Discussed, but the things below are less likely to come up than others.

I rarely post about:
Politics or religion, but they do come up sometimes. I post about anything that I feel the need to so nothing's completely off the table, but these are some of the less likely things to come up.

My last three posts were about:
- My Saturday (inc. knitting, DOOM (mm, Karl Urban), and stationary)
- A PSA about change in meds
- My Saturday last weekend & Teen Wolf (yeah, I have no idea either!)

How often do you post?
Sporadically, but I'm doing my best to use the move to DW to push myself to post more regularly, e.g. every few days.

How about commenting?
About the same as the above, but I'm more likely to comment than post at the moment.
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Today is Camerone Day.

The French Army was besieging Puebla.

The mission of the Legion was to ensure the movement and safety of the convoys, over an 80 mile distance. On the 29th of April 1863, Colonel Jeanningros was informed that an important convoy was on its way to Puebla, with a load of 3 million francs, and material and munitions for the siege. Captain Danjou, his quartermaster, decided to send a company to escort the convoy. The 3rd company of the Foreign Regiment was assigned to this mission, but had no officers available. So Captain Danjou, himself, took the command and 2nd lieutenants Maudet, company guide, and Vilain, the paymaster, joined him voluntarily.

On the 30th of April, at 1 a.m., the 3rd company was on its way, with its 3 officers and 62 men. At 7 a.m., after a 15 mile march, it stopped at Palo Verde in order to get some rest. At this very moment, the enemy showed up and the battle began. Captain Danjou made the company take up a square formation and, even though retreating, he victoriously drove back several cavalry charges, inflicting the first heavy losses on the enemy .

By the inn of Camerone, a large building with a courtyard protected by a wall 3 meters high, Danjou decided to stay, in order to keep the enemy and so delay for as long as possible, any attacks on the convoy.

While the legionnaires were rapidly setting up the defense of the inn, a Mexican officer demanded that Captain Danjou surrender, pointing out the fact that the Mexican Army was greatly superior in number.

Danjou's answer was: "We have munitions. We will not surrender." Then, he swore to fight to the death and made his men swear the same. It was 10 a.m. Until 6 p.m., these 60 men who had had nothing to eat or drink since the day before, in spite of the extreme heat, of the thirst and hunger, resisted against 2,000 Mexicans: 800 cavalry and 1,200 infantry.

At noon, Captain Danjou was shot in the chest and died. At 2 p.m., 2nd lieutenant Vilain was shot in the head. About this time, the Mexican colonel succeeded in setting the inn on fire.

In spite of the heat and the smoke, the legionnaires resisted, but many of them were killed or injured. By 5 p.m., only 12 men could still fight with 2nd lieutenant Maudet. At this time, the Mexican colonel gathered his soldiers and told them what disgrace it would be if they were unable to defeat such a small number of men. The Mexicans were about to give the general assault through holes opened in the walls of the courtyard, but Colonel Milan, who had previously asked 2nd lieutenant Maudet to surrender, once again gave him the opportunity to. Maudet scornfully refused.

The final charge was given. Soon, only 5 men were left around Maudet; Corporal Maine, legionnaires Catteau, Wensel, Constantin and Leonard. Each had only one bullet left. In a corner of the courtyard, their back against the wall, still facing the enemy, they fixed bayonets. When the signal was given, they opened fire and fought with their bayonets. 2nd lieutenant Maudet and 2 legionnaires fell, mortally wounded. Maine and his 2 remaining companions were about to be slaughtered when a Mexican officer saved them. He shouted: "Surrender!"

"We will only if you promise to allow us to carry and care for our injured men and if you leave us our guns".

"Nothing can be refused to men like you!", answered the officer.

Captain Danjou's men had kept their promise; for 11 hours, they had resisted 2,000 enemy troops. They had killed 300 of them and had injured as many. Their sacrifice had saved the convoy and they had fulfilled their mission.

Emperor Napoleon III decided that the name of Camerone would be written on the flag of the Foreign Regiment and the names of Danjou, Vilain and Maudet would be engraved in golden letters on the walls of the Invalides, in Paris.

Moreover, a monument was built in 1892, at the very place of the fight. The following inscription can be read there:

Ils furent ici moins de soixante
Opposés à toute un armée,
Sa masse les écrasa.
La vie plutôt que le courage
Abandonna ces soldats Français
Le 30 avril 1863.

"Here there were less than sixty opposed to a whole army. Its mass crushed them. Life abandoned these French soldiers before courage. The 30th of April 1863."
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Croissant Dogs

Paging @copperbadge to the white emergency phone…


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