Sun Conure

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Sun Conure_1

For a long time, I read this name as “Sun Conjure”, as I really liked the idea of these little birds summoning the sun into existence every morning. It made a certain mythological sense. I could see people hearing the bright yellow birds every morning and seeing the bright yellow sun rise and assuming that the birds were the source of it all. There are just so many interesting stories that could be told in that framework. Their tweeting to raise the sun every morning could be the result of a millennia-old pact between humanity and the animals of the forest, resulting from a devastating war in which both sides lost heavily (and which explained fossils). A feather from a such bird could be the source of fire, a gift from nature to humanity so people could cook grain, reducing the need to hunt. The migration of such birds could explain the differences between the wet and dry seasons, so people could know what and where to plant.

Alas, one missing “j” and that theory was shot to hell.

So I looked it up. “Conure” comes from the modern Latin conurus, which is derived from the Greek words κῶνος (kônos) and ουρά (oura) for “cone” and “tail”. However, κῶνος also refers to pine cones and comes from the proto-Indo-European of “*ḱeh₃”, meaning “to sharpen”. Interestingly, the word “ουρά” comes from οὐρά, meaning line of marching people, which comes from the proto-Indo-European of “*h₃érsos”, meaning “buttocks”.

So “cone-tailed” parrots are also “sharp-assed” parrots, which makes a bit of sense.

However, I was curious as to what the natives called them, so I did more research and found that they are native to Roraima (now part of Brazil). However, Roraima’s history apparently started in the 17th century when the Portuguese discovered the Branco River. This then started multiple waves of fightings between the Portugul, England, the Netherlands, and Spain. The only mention I could find of native peoples were that they were there in 1700, enslaved and forced to live in village, then revolted. Then many of them were killed before they were “converted” into Protestant ranchers.

Apparently when white men are busy exploiting the natural resources of a land and destroying everything that lives there, no one bothers to ask the natives what they think of all those little yellow birds tweeting nearby. So we’ll never know.

I, for one, like to think that they make the sun rise.

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So very sleeeeeeeeepy

Apr. 25th, 2017 11:47 am[personal profile] filkerdave
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A weekend at FKO was just what I needed, but it doesn't work well with "having enough sleep"


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Paddlefish checking it’s email for the first time after a long vacation.

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It me

Apr. 25th, 2017 02:53 pm[personal profile] hollymath
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Here's me doing The Worst Clerical Job in the World on Saturday. I look happy because [ profile] LadyPHackney, who was taking the picture, made me it turned out okay I think.

Tree sparrow

Apr. 25th, 2017 08:26 am[personal profile] kayre
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tree sparrow

Happy to see a tree sparrow at my feeder this morning (and lucky to have my camera at hand). That red-brown cap is quite eye-catching "in person."

In Need of Trek TOS Art

Apr. 24th, 2017 06:09 pm[personal profile] elf
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Zinelets is established as name of mini-zine line. First issue, titled Motionally Compromised (unless someone convinces me otherwise) will feature Star Trek: TOS, with the feature story expected to be Spock/McCoy.

I plan to distribute flyers during Memorial Day weekend conventions (I think there are 4 in my area, although hitting them all is not likely to happen unless I get help) with the intent of either mailing them out on June 10th - 1 week after the 48th anniversary of the end of ST:TOS.

But. I don't have any art. If things get closer to Time To Print (or rather, Time To Spend Several Hours Tinkering with Minute InDesign Settings) and I don't have art, I'll probably crawl around Deviantart and try to find someone, but... in the meantime, anyone know artist(s) who'd like to be printed in a tiny Trek TOS zine?

I need art. Could use other content as well. )

FWIW, I have a "test zine" that I intend to use as a template, with Glitch as the fandom. It features one of my Glitch stories from AO3, a bit of simple photoshop artwork involving Glitch pics, and a schedule of Zilloweens for the rest of 2017. Available by request - happy to print them out and mail them to anyone who'd like one; this is an exception to the "send SASE" rule mentioned above. (Mail with a snailmail address, or questions/comments/etc. that you don't want to show here.)

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Apr. 24th, 2017 08:09 pm[personal profile] kayre
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Merganser from a walk a week ago. The brown crest says merganser, but the body markings are unusually vivid.

green backed heron

Green backed heron from tonight. Greens keep their necks scrunched down and then magically stretch them out to strike at a fish.

Invisible 3 Update

Apr. 24th, 2017 07:20 pm[personal profile] jimhines
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Invisible 3 is running a little behind the schedule I’d hoped to meet. It turns out that coordinating between two editors takes more time than one editor doing it all himself. Who’d have guessed?

Mary Anne and I have 13 essays and 3 poems contracted thus far. We’ve got one revision to look over, and two rewrites we’re waiting to receive. We’re also missing a few author bios I need to follow up about.

Cover art is mostly done, but I need to confirm those last few names before we can finalize that.

We’ve sent the contents off to the person who will be writing the introduction for this volume.

My hope is that when I get back from Buenos Aires and have had a day or two to recover, we’ll be able to announce a tentative release date (I’m guessing May or June, but I reserve the right to be wrong in that guess) and move forward with the cover reveal.

I’m very happy with what we have so far, and I can’t wait until we’re able to share it with you.

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Apr. 24th, 2017 04:10 pm[personal profile] musyc
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There are a couple of workmen doing things to the driveway today. (Expanding it, I believe, but no one tells me anything. They could be disposing of red mercury for all I know.)

But anyhow. The cats, who like to be outside, do not like strangers. At all. So the way I knew that the workmen had returned to do more work was to see, one by one, the cats come shooting into the house. Like clowns out of a car. ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP. I tell you, the Thunderbirds have nothing on my cats' formation and speed. XD

Time for a change

Apr. 24th, 2017 11:51 am[personal profile] kshandra
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Joined an Expanse community - [community profile] rocinante - earlier this morning, and fell in love with the journal style so completely that I had to steal it for myself. ;-)
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I have actually got so many. All the books by SARK to help liberate and engage creative energy and shut up the Critic. Sarah ban Breathnach whose book of daily meditations helped me be okay with struggling and being imperfect, gave me ideas on how to think about different aspects of my life. Oriah Mountain Dreamer (who's on Facebook) and whose The Invitation helped give me the courage to end a bad relationship and to live for myself, make my own true soul's choices. I read it after being hospitalized for a serious illness and it really did change the course of my life. The Flylady whose website and mailing list has helped me build routines to get out of the chaos my brain has built-up. Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui which was also very helpful on clutter and choices and how to let go of what I didn't want but thought I had to keep.

I know my issues aren't the same as your issues, so keep any recs that sound interesting and toss the rest. And thank you for asking, I'm keeping this list to share with my therapist.


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Fish realizing that the fundamental flaw with Facebook’s “block” feature is that it creates a nurturing environment for abuse, as everyone who would ordinarily be community social enforcers do not see the postings of problematic individuals. This prevents them from providing corrective action and allows abuses to compound over time until the experience of long-term community members is in direct opposition of new members, actively inhibiting growth and promoting an early death to the group itself.

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LFG: Hordie Needs Help

Apr. 24th, 2017 10:15 am[personal profile] elynne
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I want to play WoW again. I'd love to get into a guild. Finding a guild that matches my criteria has been vanishingly difficult. If you know of a guild that is:

1. Horde
2. on any US server (I'm willing to transfer my main! and start new alts! anywhere! I'd prefer not PVP but I'm even willing to try that!)
3. not Raid-Focused (raiding is fine, I'm just not into it, and I'm not interested in a guild that demands a 910+ gear score with Heroic Steam Vaults cleared or whatever the current bar is)
4. active (preferably more than like three people on at a time, and people who are willing to talk about stuff)
5. not a seething bag of dicks (you know what I mean here)

please, please, PLEASE let me know? I'm currently investigating a guild on Emerald Dream, which is an RP-PVP server, and PVP servers scare me, but I'm that desperate. If you know someone who you think once mentioned a guild like this, pass on a mention? I promise I'm a good guildie...

Trying something new

Apr. 24th, 2017 12:33 pm[personal profile] kayre
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I'm a church organist, so Sunday is always my big day. So my 'weekend' is generally the rest of Sunday plus Monday. I don't cook on Sunday, but I generally expect and am expected to cook Monday dinner, and that messes up my 'day off' plans pretty often. So recently I've told my husband I would make sure one of several pantry-to-table meals would be available for Sunday or Monday, and on the other day we'll fend for ourselves.

So... today I am going to hang out at the house, doing the stuff I want to do. I'll eat dinner early... and then I will leave the house just before my husband comes home, and go walking until sunset. My day already feels longer in a good and relaxed way.

Golden Headed Lion Tamarin

Apr. 24th, 2017 02:01 pm[personal profile] guppiecat
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Golden Headed Lion Tamarin_4

Tamarins aren’t less evolved than humans, because both have been evolving for the same period of time.

However, it is understandable that some people get that impression, as tamarins tend to just watch the neighbors’ domestic disputes rather than taking the more civilized approach of commenting about them on social media.

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