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May. 26th, 2017 11:16 am[personal profile] filkerdave
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No SF conventions, no regional burn -- invited to a few parties on Sunday but my sister and family will be in town and that's more fun! (On the other hand, that means likely no POTA either.)

What about the rest of you?


May. 26th, 2017 12:15 pm[personal profile] hollymath
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I didn't really get a chance to catch my breath about the citizenship, because of the job interview appearing so quickly on its heels. Now that I've got the inevitable rejection out of the way, I'm starting to think a little more about it again.

I've been forgetting about it, or I've been at best excited that I have my passports back. I really underestimated how much I would hate being without them (plural because the expired one has my proof of Indefinite Leave to Remain in it, which is my proof I can work here and hopefully what keeps the border guards at Manchester Airport from being completely awful to me whenever I come back, so the expired passport is still an integral part of the deal).

Working on my book (I owe Kickstarter an update too). I am so stressed about it at this point, but Andrew's looking at what I have today and assures me it's not as bad as I feared and it's not as far from being done as I feared either.

And [personal profile] po8crg and [personal profile] haggis are taking me out for dinner tonight to celebrate my UK citizenship, so that should help make it seem a bit more real!
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I have never so joyously reblogged a bird video in my life. 

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The Incredible Sand Sculptures of Toshihiko Hosaka

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Thankful Thursday

May. 25th, 2017 08:44 pm[personal profile] mdlbear
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It's been an eventful week. I'm thankful that it's over. That's probably enough.

  • We sold our house in West Seattle. Done. It required a marathon cleanup session the day of the closing (Tuesday!) after the buyers' walkthrough Monday night. Why the *bleep* couldn't they have done it Friday evening? But they didn't, and our agent and I spent all day Tuesday cleaning out the stuff that I'd been too tired to deal with last Thursday, and the stuff that the movers dumped on the side path after they ghosted on us Friday. And G and I rented a UHaul and hauled his two motorcycles -- that the aforesaid mover had said he wanted to buy on Monday but never showed up -- over to our housekeeper's house in Auburn. But we did it.
  • In the end, after dropping off the truck, I went back to the old place to collect the paint cans the buyers had complained about, drove around to the front, and picked a bud and a flower off the Royal Amethyst rose. Thank you, Ame.
  • ... and sang "The Mary Ellen Carter" as loud as I could on the way back over the West Seattle Bridge. Thanks, Stan -- I needed that.
  • Our purchase of our new house on Whidbey Island went through without a hitch. That was a long search, and a lot of anxiety and research, but that too is done. Special thanks to our agents, Rob and (especially) Leif.
  • Also somewhere in there my final payment from Amazon came through. Less than I'd been expecting because I hadn't allowed for Social Security and Medicare taking their cuts, but welcome just the same. I note in passing that they have not come through with my promised health care, so no thanks are due in that direction.
  • Thanks to my family, too, the whole crazy lot of us. Special thanks to the Younger Daughter, whose new phone plan and health coverage through her employer have taken several additional worries off of my mind.
  • Thanks, too, to you, my readers. Your occasional comments and encouraging words have meant a great deal during this, um..., adventure? Something like that.

Ripcord Pulled

May. 25th, 2017 05:08 pm[personal profile] kevin_standlee
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I have pulled the migration ripcord and migrated my journal to DreamWidth, where I have the same user ID as LiveJournal: kevin_standlee. Although the queue was empty when I started, it still took quite a while to migrate more than a decade of entries from LJ to DW.

I have cross-posting turned on. I do not at this time intend to close my LiveJournal account, for I am a Permanent member. I don't expect to visit Russia, and thus as far as I can tell, the most they can do to me is close my account. So those of you who have been waiting for me to move before deleting your own accounts can go ahead and do so, I guess.
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“Not use collective punishment as it is not fair on the many people who did nothing and under the 1949 Geneva Conventions it is a war crime.”

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Republicans are guaranteeing increased pain and suffering to the most vulnerable. [Hey, white working class, that’s you!]

Why do 23 million people need to live without health care? To live in fear, to go through bankruptcies?

There is no need for this devastating Republican health care bill.

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The mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu recently spoke out against Confederate-era statues. His comments are not to be missed.

follow @the-movemnt

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Greg Gianforte, GOP candidate in Montana election, allegedly assaults reporter Ben Jacobs

On Wednesday, Guardian political reporter Ben Jacobs claimed the Republican candidate in the 2017 special elections on Thursday, Greg Gianforte, “body slammed” him — resulting in law enforcement being summoned to the scene.

According to audio of the exchange posted by the Guardian, Jacobs was asking about a recent CBO analysis of the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act before Gianforte flipped out, slamming him to the ground and breaking Jacobs’ glasses.

“I’m sick and tired of you guys,” Gianforte yelled. “The last guy who came here did the same thing. Get the hell out of here. Get the hell out of here. The last guy did the same thing. Are you with the Guardian?”

“Yes!” Jacobs responded. “You just broke my glasses.”

“The last guy did the same damn thing,” an angry Gianforte shot back.

“You just body slammed me and broke my glasses,” Jacobs said. Read more (5/24/17 9 PM)

Update: Gianforte allegedly assaulted a reporter. He’s still the favorite to win.

Despite Gianforte’s assault charge, experts say he’s still the favorite to win over Democratic nominee Rob Quist for three key reasons:

1. Montana is a deep Red state.

Trump won Montana by more than 20 points in 2016. Since Montana only has one House seat that covers the entire state, that gives Gianforte a hefty advantage as the GOP nominee.

2. More than half the state has already voted.

Montana allows voters to cast their ballot by mail — and many of them do. In fact, experts say more than half — and possibly up to two-thirds — of the vote has already been cast. 

3. The alleged assault might not have enough time to sink in.

It’s unclear, though, if those persuadable voters will have heard about the alleged assault before they cast their ballots. The incident happened the night before the election — hours before polls opened. Read more (5/25/17)

It’s not just the body slam. Greg Gianforte also has ties to accused white supremacists.

Gianforte donated to the campaigns of both Taylor Rose, whom the Southern Poverty Law Center has described as a white nationalist, and Robert Saunders, who allegedly has a history of espousing anti-black racist views.

Gianforte is also linked to Idaho preacher Douglas Wilson, who has suggested in his writings that the “black family has never been stronger than it was under slavery” and that women are “created to be dependent and responsive to a man.” Gianforte received a $2,700 campaign donation from Saunders. Read more (5/25/17)

Gianforte is a perfect distillation of the Republican Party.
He’s a bully.
He’s a liar.
He is so assured of his privilege and status, he thinks nothing of assaulting a journalist, because he knows that not a single elected Republican will say or do anything about it, because they all put party loyalty above everything else.
Oh, and of COURSE he’s totally cool with racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.
And Montana is probably going to elect him, not just because so many ballots have already been cast, but because he is *exactly* what Republican voters want to represent them.
The good news is that there are more good and decent people than there are people who support him and those like him. The good news is that we are slowly and steadily taking our country back from him and people like him. It’s going to get a lot harder before it gets easier (if it ever gets easier at all) and we can’t waver for even a moment when someone who is as evil and unhinged as Gianforte wins an elecion.

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Master of None - 2x08 - “It’s not like this was my choice. It’s just who I am.”

Aziz Ansari spoke with Terry Gross about the second season of his Netflix series Master of None. Here’s what he said about the “Thanksgiving” episode: 

On working with Lena Waithe to write the “Thanksgiving” episode, based on Waithe’s experiences growing up gay and coming out to her family

“I told [Lena] from the get-go, you need to write this with me and I’ll help you and we’ll get this in shape and make it feel like the show, but you’ve got to make sure we get this right. …

That episode, it’s just me and four black women, the whole episode. I joked with Melina [Matsoukas], who directed the episode, and Lena, “This is the most amount of screen time I’ve seen on any film or television show, with one Indian character and four black women.” How am I going to write that episode by myself? It would be offensive! You know? I guess I don’t have the gall of all those white writers who write for minorities.”

that last line from Aziz 

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Shout out to all of the oldest children…who were used as the tester kids and now watch their younger siblings get away with stuff you would have been killed for.. Justice will never be restored

Shout out to all the youngest kids who never were allowed to go anywhere or do anything because the oldest kid was a hellion who was always getting into trouble.

Shout out to all of he only children who were constantly told they were spoiled brats for sole sake of being onlies.

Shout out to all the middle childs for being contantly given mixed messages of you’re one of the older siblings so you should know better and also you’re one of the younger ones so you’re not old enough yet to understand/be ready.  So you never are really sure if people see you as a child or as mature.

Shout out to all the parents who are just actual human beings trying to do their best by other actual human beings, and constantly have to listen to themselves being smeared with the same bullshit brush as any genuinely toxic, abusive asshole who propagated without foresight and wasn’t up to the task.

Shout out to all of us who are at least two of these things.

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Mike Pence’s popularity plummets as his involvement in Trump scandals comes to light http://ift.tt/eA8V8J
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Trek Femslash AUs » Uhura/Jadzia

↳While in the past Jadzia is drawn in to the break room by singing and meets Uhura, she can’t help but flirt a little and Uhura isn’t adverse to flirting back.

(if you have a pairing or idea let me know~)

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Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday condemned GOP House special election candidate Greg Gianforte for his altercation with a reporter, but did not call on Gianforte to drop out of the race.

“There is no time where a physical altercation should occur with the press or with human beings,” Ryan told reporters at the Capitol.

“I think he should apologize,” he added. “I do not think this is acceptable behavior.”

With the press or with human beings

Oh lookie here. Paul Ryan with a bunch of meaningless words that won’t matter at all. What a fucking surprise.

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Oh my dear, sweet Anon. The price that your mom is asking you to pay for social acceptance is far far too high.

Fully 1% of people who undergo stomach amputation surgery (so-called weight-loss surgery) die within the first year and 6% of patients die within 5 years, a death rate that is approximately 3 times the expected norm. 

People who have the surgery commit suicide or die from a drug overdose at rates that are 20 times the expected norm. The surgery also increases the prevalence of alcohol use disorder by 25%. 

The surgery causes malnutrition and loss of bone mass, and fully 70% of people who have  the surgery report daily vomiting and other severe digestive problems that persist for decades.  

People who have this surgery and later become pregnant have babies who suffer nutritional deficits. 

On top of all of that, people still regain the weight they lose.

And even this terrible list of known harms is incomplete. Almost no studies follow patients for more than one year post-surgery, and the few long term studies that do exist only manage to report data for about 25% of their initial sample – and this includes the research purporting to show benefits of the surgery.

This is a dangerous experimental surgery, and it is criminal how many fat people are pressured into undergoing the surgery without giving true informed consent. Because they simply cannot give consent: The full, longterm health consequences of amputating a large part of the primary organ required for survival are simply unknown at this time.

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