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I RSVPed for an event taking place in a couple of weeks. On the matter of cost, the invite says:
DONATION: $40-20, sliding scale, with no one turned away for lack of funds*. Thank you in advance for honoring the work and time that goes into planning and facilitating these party/playshops. (*If you know that this sliding scale is prohibitive for you, please let us know, and we will ask you for an "in-kind" contribution of arriving early to help set up, staying afterwards to clean-up, and/or bringing additions to our snack table. Thank you!)

So when I wrote in, I asked for more information about helping with set-up, etc. This is the response I got:
We'll definitely appreciate your assistance in set-up.

When you do come - for set-up please arrive by 12 noon - please then pay what you believe you can afford - remembering that this is a workshop as much as a social event.

Though we say "no one turned away for lack of funds," at the same time - we do hope you'll consider donating resources equivalent to the value you
believe you are getting.

Hope this is a helpful gauge?

I'm >< that far from writing back and saying "Sorry, you're making this sound like it's all about the money. I'm no longer interested." Am I just being hypersensitive?
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