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2015-11-28 11.58.02Bailey is a model year older than Barnum was the same model year as Barnum (VINs don't lie), with around 5K more miles on the chassis. We ran several other errands after finishing the paperwork, and I sacked out HARD when we got home; the dealer had already taken the Craigslist ad down by the time I got back up, or I would have more pics.

There's an in-dash CD player, so I may not need to install the stereo (in which case I'm sure [personal profile] gridlore will be agitating to have it put into Darby; hopefully it sounds okay without the subwoofer if we go that route). The rear windows are tinted, and there appears to be after-market pinstriping on the sides. (Whether or not it was there when the car first rolled off the lot, it's peeling at the edges now; Doug and I have already discussed whether or not we can find purple stripes to replace it with and make the car just a little more obviously mine.)

We pick the car up on Tuesday; the shop who does the smog certs for the dealer wasn't responding to phone calls, and we were his last sale before he went home for the day - at 1pm. (Holidays, whaddyagonnado?)

Taking that nap had the added benefit of letting me process the post-major-purchase anxiety while I was asleep - my subconscious had just gotten me a cashier gig at McDonald's when I woke up. But I may finally be able to relax now.
kshandra: California custom license plate reading ♥KOOSH (Koosh Plate)
CSAA called this afternoon. They gave me two settlement figures, one if I surrender the vehicle and one if I choose to retain it with a salvage title; however, the estimated repair cost is something in the vicinity of $2K more than the salvage settlement would be, and we just don't have that to spare. [personal profile] gridlore and I haven't made the official decision yet, but I suspect it's inevitable.

This is the first car I didn't drive until it was no longer mechanically sound, which is another part of why this is so hard to deal with. We hadn't even cracked 90K miles yet; I could've gotten another 30K easily, and maybe more.

I need to figure out how much the shop will want to pull the after-market stereo for me, and if anyone has any pointers on how I can surrender the car, but keep my personalized plates, that would be a big help.

G_d, this sucks.
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I won a thousand-dollar car stereo system today.

Buh-wha? )
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I didn't actually have the money to go to the bar, but I wanted to show Tink off (she told me her name on the way home from work yesterday; I was referring to The New Car, and clearly "heard" the capital letters in my head...and then my brain shortened it to TNC, and Tink was a short hop from there). It wound up being moderately disconcerting - I beat everyone there! (Even the bartender was running late, and I had an awkward few moments trying not to let on to Paula that I wasn't ordering a drink because I couldn't pay for one....) Forgot my composition book (you know, the purple one*), too, but I actually had a pad of paper in my purse, so I didn't have to cannibalize club flyers to take notes.

Four songs in three hours on a Thursday night - not too damn shabby. )

* Actually, I have two purple composition books...at least. And can't find any of them right now. I REALLY need to clean the living room....
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[livejournal.com profile] gridlore and I just bought a car.

A REAL car.


[livejournal.com profile] dafydd's reaction (I had to call him, 'cause he needs to sign the title transfer for Sammi): "Well, someone's crazy. I'm not sure if it's you or them." I advised him to embrace the power of "and."

It means we're living on ramen noodles for the next 70 months, and if we do something to screw this up, so help me I'll open a vein. But for the next few days at least, I can savor the fact that I'm driving something that isn't going to do its impression of the cop car at the end of The Blues Brothers the next time I come to a stop sign.
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