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...and welcome her back to the waking world.


The latest update has her off the ventilator and talking again.

She knows the extent of her injuries...and she hasn't given up yet. I was so afraid.

Eventually, I will go back and give all of her entries their own tag, and add the Crypto flag in the subject line. Considering my current hellacious schedule, it may not be this week, but hopefully soon.

Hopeful. I like that word.
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...abort retry FAIL.

I love you all, and I hate seeing so many of you having rough times right now...please don't take it personally if I don't comment on your "my world is falling apart" posts. I want so very badly to be there for my friends when they hurt, but I am absolutely wrung out from waiting for news about Chukka (and [livejournal.com profile] redstreets, thank you for taking the time to come up to me and ask about her at the meeting today), trying to maintain the balance between optimism and realism on ePlaya - and still upholding all of my responsibilities in the rest of my life.

After KaBoom, I'm in meetings every weekend from now until the 4th of July; no doubt I'll have to schedule additional time with my division manager (and possibly other execs) for Westercon, as I desperately attempt to get myself brought up to speed on a convention that's less than two months away. I'll be shadowing [livejournal.com profile] lokiz_mom as best I can at Baycon, in addition to trying to figure out when in hell I'm going to get off-site to pick up party trays for [livejournal.com profile] tas_baycon, because we're not going to have refrigerators in all the rooms after all - and then I get to help RUN the party, too...and fuck, I still need to ORDER the damn trays (and a cake)....

Trying to figure out the treasurer duties for my TOPS chapter continues to be an uphill battle - and it got even more fun last week, because we had two new members sign up. So now it's deposit that check, write another check, mail that off with the forms...all while I'm still trying to figure out the last treasurer's bookkeeping system, because it's clear she had one, I just can't make head or tail of it.

I took a deep breath earlier this evening and wrote to my Burning Man boss, telling him the additional duties I was supposed to be taking on this year simply require more effort and energy to do properly than I have to give right now. "I'm still your paperwork bitch," I told him, but I was supposed to be taking that to the next level this year, and I just can't.

So don't be surprised if you don't hear a lot from me over the next few weeks-to-months, okay?
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Finding a random "ZOMGCALLMEKTHXBYE!" comment on a post where I was wondering whether a good friend was going to live or die was NOT how I wanted to start my day.

If you can take the time to click "Post Comment," you can take the time to open your email program and write to someone directly. But if you're going to use LJ as a message system, CHECK THE CONTENT OF THE POST YOU'RE COMMENTING ON FIRST, FOR LOVE OF WHATEVER YOU CONSIDER SACRED.

(I deleted the comment, and I'm NOT calling the person. Zie can find another way to contact me.)
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In among the various photos on the CDs I've got was this one. Star has been Chukka's boon companion in recent years, and has had many, many tears shed in her fur.

I didn't have as many photos of the wedding as I thought I did, but they're all here now.
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(crossposted a few different places)

Scott "Bounce" Lofgren's widow, Carol "Chukka/CryptoFishist" Sachs, was in a major accident while boarding a train in Innsbruck, Austria on Friday, April 27. Chukka has had both legs amputated approximately 5" above the knee and was in a medically-induced coma pending further surgery tomorrow (Wednesday).

Her mother will be arriving from the Bay Area on Friday. Updates, as we get them, will be posted to http://chukkasupport.blogspot.com/, which has already been syndicated here as [livejournal.com profile] chukkasupport.

The last two years have been incredibly difficult for Chukka; she's never really recovered from Scott's death. Please, keep her in your thoughts.
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