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As some of you may have seen elsewhere, [personal profile] gridlore and I bought a Kindle Fire HD6 last month (for the trip, for his inevitable next hospital stay, etc.). We have a LOT of ebooks already that I've converted to the appropriate format(s) using Calibre. But no matter what transfer method I use - sideloading them from Windows Explorer or syncing with Calibre - the files ONLY show up in whichever profile is open on the Fire at the time. Exceptionally maddening: I used the Send to Kindle option to email myself a book as a test, confirmed receipt in my profile, then switched to Doug's profile and WATCHED IT DISAPPEAR from the corresponding location.

Anybody have suggestions for what I might try?
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I was able to successfully retrieve the product key, but entering it and attempting to re-validate the software gives me an error code.

I know I have a few M$-savvy types, so here's my latest MDAG report. )
I've got an email in to the person who helped me with the original upgrade to Win7 to see if there's anything that can be done. I was intending to put Win10 on here - but without a validated install of 7, it isn't letting me.

I'll be the first person to admit that I've gotten a hell of a lot of use out of this machine - it was a refurb when I bought in 2008. And I'll be able to replace it easily once the settlement from the car posts to my bank account, without having a major affect on my budget for a new vehicle. But, much like the car, I wasn't ready to replace it.
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...after a desperately-needed nap, I get up this afternoon and get on my computer for the first time all day to discover that the latest Windows update has done something to trigger the "invalid product code" error message on my copy of the OS. Further inspection seems to reveal that the product code has somehow been rolled back to the OEM code - for the copy of XP that was on the machine when I bought it a decade ago.

And my install disk is at the office.

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[crossposted from FB, apologies to those of you who've seen it once already]

The hard drive in [personal profile] gridlore's desktop appears to be failing; it hangs on startup, and listening to the machine I hear a sound reminiscent of the end of an LP as the needle continues to hunt for the groove. If we're able to pick up a new HD, do any of my local friends have the ability to image the old drive for us? Money, as ever, is tight, and I shudder to think what this might cost at a repair shop.
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As some of you will recall, [personal profile] gridlore has an early-model Asus Eee PC. In a moment of supreme overconfidence, we opted at the time not to spend the extra $100 to get the Windows XP model, figuring the interface on the *nix version would be easy enough for him to figure out.

Yeah, about that....

And so, poor Mr. Bigglesworth has been languishing in a drawer since we got back from Montreal two summers ago (where he didn't get all that much use, either); his OS hasn't been updated since we brought him home. With another WorldCon staring us in the face, Doug's starting to plan ahead, and realizing how nice it would be if we weren't jockeying for time on my laptop (which, amazingly, still doesn't have a name) when we're back in the hotel room.

I know some of my local geeks have Eees. Some of you might even have the Windows version (shock and surprise). Just how complicated (and/or expensive) will it be for us to get Windows installed? (Getting the present OS updated to the current version is suboptimal, but if our only other option is "buy a new netbook with Windows already installed," we'll take it.)

Okay, okay. I was prepared for heated conversation, but I'm getting it in unexpected areas. Thus far, almost everyone who has weighed in on the subject does this for a living, which is nice, but you don't know that about each other. Rather than risk the possibility of watching people I like get annoyed with each other, I'm going to close comments. If you have assistance to offer me, feel free to do so in PMs.
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