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[personal profile] lilalanor is holding a fandom-ish auction to help her get through a Crisis; as I am a firm believer in paying things forward, and y'all have been so good to me in the past, I am making the following offer (original post here):

Here is where I offer the use of my more-than-meager, less-than-stellar graphics ability. Friends-only banners, a header for your layout, etc. You can give me a picture, or a quote, or even just a color, and I'll do my best to put together something that pleases both of us. I'm also happy to "fix" something you may already have - making the background transparent, correcting spelling errors, or what have you. Have you fallen in love with a picture, but it's landscape-orientation and you need portrait? I can help. (I took someone's avatar on another board recently, found the original image, cropped the person out of it, resized a section of the background to the site's specifications, and added the person back to the new background. I won't claim to be a miracle worker, but I can do a lot.)

Opening bid $5 AU, and I will take the top two bidders.

Samples of my graphics work back here. )

Comments disabled; please keep all discussion, bids, etc., in my comment thread on the original post.


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