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"I need my photo taken here," [personal profile] gridlore said to me the other night, "as proof that I am the center of the universe."

Million1 2007.jpg
"Million1 2007" by Tomáš Neuwirth - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

kshandra: Keith Olbermann, pointing at the camera; caption: "I see you, you dirty fangirl" (Keith - Dirty Fangirl)
Most of you have probably encountered Texts from Last Night at this point. And any of you who participated in the Trick-or-Treat meme I did last Halloween have seen some of the astonishing variety of Tumblr blogs that take those texts and stick them onto screen caps from various and sundry series for epic lulz. I've become a regular contributor to Texts from the Anchor Desk; almost all of my submissions are made anonymously, though if you ask me if something is mine, I'll usually tell you.

Now, I tend not to "cross the streams" with my blogs, but I'm just too enamored of my latest creation not to share. )
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