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My bike - gone.

All three tents (the dome you all remember, the new one I had last year, and a second dome I picked up on Freecycle and never bothered bringing out) - gone.

My cooler - gone.

My drink Igloo - gone.

Bastards were thorough...they went into my bin, pulled out all the camp food, and left the raverbait and zipties. (I'm surprised, though; they left my two Slumberjack pillows and the Army duffel with my two sleeping bags.)

This is the third bicycle [livejournal.com profile] gridlore and I have had stolen in the six years we've lived here - including one that was chained to the railing in front of our door. And we live in a second-floor apartment.

The ONLY silver lining in all of this is that (for once) I actually meet the deductible on my renter's insurance.

Even if we didn't have Montreal to think about paying for this year, I'd be hard-pressed to replace everything before it was time to leave. And while I was willing to consider accepting charity from my village-mates to cover the cost of my gas or whatever (I did not ask, nor would I; it was offered freely, when that looked to be the only obstacle to my making both WorldCon and the Burn), this is too much to ask of anyone...too much to ask of all of them.

I love my village...my City... to pieces, and I'm going to miss the holy fuck out of everybody, but this is absolutely the final nail in the coffin of my going.

I'm gonna go be sick, now.
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