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On the Edge: A Skating Melodrama

I first started reading this not long after the first installments were posted to RSSIF, back when I still read Usenet. Melodrama is absolutely the right word to describe it - the protagonist is a Mary Sue of the first order; her leading man and several of the other prominent characters are Big Name Skaters with the serial numbers filed off (poorly, in some cases, if you know the sport at all); and most of the plots would be right at home on the Harlequin shelves at the bookstore. But damn if it didn't suck me right in.

The story was offline for several years, after the author actually got a book deal, but it's all back now, and I'm hooked once again. It's been long enough since I read it originally that, while certain turns of events are coming back to me, a lot of the details have been forgotten. And there are lots and lots of new installments that I didn't get to read the first time around.

Once I'm caught up with OTE, it'll be time for The Strong and the Sequined.

The really sad thing is I recognize the skaters in the silhouettes used in the logos for both of these....
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...I want to see someone use this song for their long program.
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