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...but the stereo is fixed. Again. It turned out to be a loose fuse (one I honestly cannot recall if [livejournal.com profile] gridlore's boss Tim looked at yesterday or not - he used to do installations when he was younger, so he had a gander when I picked Doug up yesterday). I'll let Doug tell the story this time (quoted from this post):
Ladles and other cooking implements, my wife is not confrontational. She is more likely to back down, negotiate, and accept things than I am.

Today, I was worried that I might be forced to restrain her. She spotted the owner as we walked in, and ripped him a new asshole over the constant problems we have encountered since winning this system. She was loud, forceful, and the owner kept glancing at the other customers in the shop in fear.

I have never been so proud.

They fixed the problems, and we're still working on getting a refund (full or partial) on the installation. When I mentioned this (as Kiri was bringing the car around) the owner protested that he had given us multiple discounts. We were quoted $295 for installation. We paid a bit over $400.

This guy is slimy.

Yes, boys and girls, I had an audience. I was rather maliciously proud of this fact. (I also had the cellphone number for my contact at the radio station, so I sent him a text to let him know Samir was actually on-site today; I hated to suggest he go over there on a weekend, but considering how impossible it has been to buttonhole the owner, I thought it might be his only chance.)
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New stereo installed yesterday; wiring screwed up. Power goes off if I try to turn up the A/C. Will go back to shop in am. Defenestration still an option.

So let's expand on this now that I have power again....

I dropped off the car on Thursday to have my new stereo installed. Faults I have found with the process thus far:

  • The cost of the installation went from $290 (knocked down from $340 when I told the owner I needed to figure out how I could pay for it) to $375 (when they called to tell me the quote didn't include the housing for the subwoofer) to $404 (also known as "all the cash I had in my wallet when I picked up the car). Yes, I know, TANSTAAFL, but really - 40% of the value of the alleged "prize"?
  • The installer utterly failed to clean up after zirself. There were metal shavings and heatshrink segments all over the driver's side footwell; the installer's Molotov CD was still in the stereo; and the volume and subwoofer were both left at absurdly high levels - even the salesperson recoiled when he turned on the stereo.
  • The detachable faceplate is chipped in multiple places.
  • The stereo does not operate unless the key is in the On position.
  • The stereo shuts itself off if I turn on the fan. As long as the fan is on the lowest setting, I can turn the stereo back on, but if I want to turn up the fan (regardless of whether or not the A/C is actually running), the stereo powers off and will not re-start until I shut the fan off altogether. Seeing as I am driving to the Nevada desert in three weeks, this is suboptimal at best.

The above list is being sent to the Promotions department at Channel, as well as being taken up directly with the owner of the shop (and no, I'm not linking to them again - do they look like they deserve any more free publicity?). The money I spent on having this installed would have paid for the hitch mount and bike rack I want (and I could argue this as being a "need"), and they broke my car in the process.
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Samir at Avant just called me back to schedule the installation appointment; he actually asked if I could bring the car in tomorrow. Uh, not so much.

So while we were figuring out what works on my absurdly full schedule, I reminded him he was going to get me a quote as well. He told me $340 - not what I would've liked to hear, but certainly not what I was afraid of hearing, either. So we picked a date, and I told him I'd figure out my budget between now and then, and call him if I couldn't get the money together.

He called me back less than 10 minutes later and knocked another $50 off. "I want you to enjoy this." I was apparently already getting it at a discount - installations like this normally run around $550, which makes total sense since it takes a good four hours - to having him offer to go out of pocket and eat an extra fifty bucks just blew me away.

So I have until the 4th to make sure I can pay all the bills and the rent while giving him his pound of flesh. It'll be tight, especially since I haven't bought any of my camp food or water yet for the playa...but think of how I'll be rolling on the way there. :D
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I won a thousand-dollar car stereo system today.

Buh-wha? )
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