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Just back from seeing Michael York in Camelot with [livejournal.com profile] murphymom, and I am well and truly enchanted. "There really is nothing like live theatre," she said to me as we left, and I can't agree more. It was opening night, which can often mean bobbles here and there, but I only noticed two - a scrim that dropped halfway during a scene change and promptly reversed its course (leading to a couple of chuckles in the row behind me), and Guenivere losing her circlet during "What Do The Simple Folk Do" (which had me picturing the stage manager furiously scribbling "More bobby pins, damnit!").

The cast was marvelous through and through; I was more than half tempted during curtain call to start a chorus of huzzahs and/or "God Save The King"s (and would not have been surprised to hear it picked up). If I was working right now and had the money to spare, I would SO be getting my Faire buddies together to go in garb for closing night....
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