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As has been mentioned previously in these pages, [personal profile] gridlore and I will be at Conjecture the weekend of October 18-20; in the interest of breaking up the unrelenting drive to and fro, we will be staying with [livejournal.com profile] isomeme in Venice for one night at either end of the trip. And since it's been a bazillion years since I was down there with more than thirty seconds to call my own, I thought I'd invite some of my Invisible Internet Friends™ to get together for dinner.

After a bit of discussion and an extensive review of the various options available to us, Doug and I have settled on Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier as our venue. It's centrally located; Doug's never been to the Pier before; and I really liked the fact that they state on the menu how many ways they'll split a check at your table. (For the record: four.)

We're planning to be there around 6:30pm - late enough for the locals to at least have a fighting chance at getting there, without getting slammed with dinner rush. (I hope.) If anything slows us down en route, I'll be certain to post updates on Twitter and/or FB, so keep an eye out there for further developments.

I'd love to have a vague idea of how many people to tell the restaurant to prepare for, so drop me a line or leave a comment here if you think you can make it.
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  • Clothes - almost all packed (need to bag Rocky costume; need separate ziplock bag for the clothes I'm bringing into the hotel when we get back). Tomorrow's (okay, today's) outfit is set up; consider finding jeans so I have more than one pair of long pants with me.
  • Food - almost all packed (have four more tuna-salad packs in the kitchen; need to split out the cheese-n-cracker packs [livejournal.com profile] gridlore and I found at Costco; need to peel Wheat Thins bags out of their boxes and pack the individual bags in my kitchen tote).
  • Water - 10 gallons sitting in car to transfer to Fishy's truck when she gets here; 20 liters in freezer to use in cooler.
  • Additional beverages - Will probably acquire 12-pack of Diet Coke in the morning. Need to grab the bottle of gin out of the car. Have given up on the idea of bringing more booze; I'm already camping with a bar.
  • Shelter - Ready and waiting.
  • Bedding - Sitting in my room, most of it. Sleeping bags were professionally laundered after I got back last year and are re-rolled and stored in their duffle bag. Pillows are downstairs in a tote.
  • Lighting supplies - essentially packed (bike lights need batteries, still - and who the hell decided the headlight should take C cells, for love of $DEITY? I've got AA [must remember to grab those off the table], I've got AAA - hell, I even have D's. C's? Not so much).
  • Bike - in the garage. I should ride it around the parking lot in the morning to make sure it doesn't fall apart on me; I wanted to take it into the shop and get the chain cleaned and re-lubed, but it didn't happen. I'm camped around the corner from a bike camp, so I should be okay.
  • Confirmations - Printed. Ticket email will go in backpack for Will Call; hotel printout will go in the ziplock with the clothes.
  • Correspondence - Postage purchased; address labels printed; stationery collected. Will put all in backpack.
  • Music - 12 CDs burned (3 80's; 2 Kleptones; the remainder mixes done by one of the ePlaya regulars).
  • Stuffed animals - selected (Marty, my travel bear, and Flip, the one penguin who appears to have declared himself mine).
  • PDA - to be packed. Keyboard in backpack already; should probably confirm location of leather case before I pack brain.
  • Personal hygiene supplies - all acquired, to be transferred from purse to backpack.
  • Gifts - Scratched. I was going small-scale this year, anyway (goodies for the Hotties only), and ran out of enthusiasm for the project somewhere.
  • Mind - long since lost.
  • Sleep - Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to do that, too, aren't I?
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