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...only this time I was the patient.

In short: Fell down roughly 1/3 of the flight of stairs outside my apartment. Managed, somehow, to avoid hitting my head on the concrete step at the foot of said staircase. Impressive goose-egg on the right side of my scalp nonetheless. Drag myself back UP the stairs (after the downstairs neighbor who I woke with my screaming helped me sit back up), burst into tears once inside the apartment again. [livejournal.com profile] gridlore comes out of the bathroom in a panic as I manage to explain. Establish what hospital takes my insurance, get down to car with no further incident.

Blessedly empty ER. Pleasant triage nurse takes vitals, starts paperwork, finds me a room. (Almost all rooms at Good Sam SJ, only one or two curtains.) Admin comes through with more paperwork, great attitude. $100 copay, which for once in our lives we can afford. Chat with doctor, orders X-rays. Gurney & gown both on the small side; wheelchair to X-ray was not, mercifully. Amused by the laser sight on the machine. 3 films, cold room.

Back to bed; doctor confirms sprained wrist. Nurse in fabulous purple scrubs brings wrong splint, returns with right one. Cleans multiple abrasions (Doug admits to schadenfreude), loads me into splint. Scrip for vicodin. Total time to discharge roughly one hour. Breakfast, then home. Back to bed shortly.

Those of you I have plans with this weekend, I'll be in touch when I wake back up.


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