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My journal is EIGHT today. o.O Never in my life have I kept up a diary as long as I have this.

Climbing Mt. Normal
The Life and Times of a Communication Fetishist
Created on 2001-03-05 17:03:00 (#69080), last updated 2009-03-05
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4,509 Journal Entries, 167 Tags, 60 Memories, 100+ ScrapBook Files, 6 Virtual Gifts, 153 Userpics

Interests: 150
Unique interests: 0
However, I originated three interests (5-minute-refresh, I ♥ >1, and equally large boa), which I think entitles me to at least some geek cred.
Friends: 302 / Mutual Friends: 295
I just wish that more of y'all were local. (And that some of y'all weren't dead....)
Communities: 144
The last time I did this that I can find, I was complaining about 83. o.O
RSS Feeds: 53

And finally....

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