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The more [personal profile] gridlore looks into places to see and things to do on this trip, the more he finds that gets added to the list. Just doing the research is exciting him beyond any reasonable level.

For example, one of the things he really wants to see is the Theodosian Walls. The 5th-century city walls, built by Emperor Theodosius II, stretch for 6.5 km (4 miles) from Istanbul's Golden Horn to the Sea of Marmara. These walls were legendary in their time, and only breached twice in the city's long history. So few city walls remain, seeing them with restored gates and guard towers was obviously high on his list.

But then he learned that one of the best places to view the walls was very close to the Kariye Museum, originally built in the 4th century as the 'Church of the Holy Savior Outside the Walls' or 'in the Country' (chora), it was indeed outside the walls built by Constantine the Great. However, less than a century later, the new city walls placed the church solidly inside the city. Of course, nobody bothered calling it anything different. The current building and mosaics date from the 11-12th centuries.

Best part? There's an established tour that hits these two sites as well as other great stops.

As I write this, roughly $1500 of the matching funds my employer has sponsored remain open. That's thirty contributions of $50 to get us to the $10K mark after the match goes in. From there, it's just raising the rest of the money to cover our expenses in-country.

This is really happening.

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