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Date: 2016-12-20 02:23 pm (UTC)
gritsinmisery: (Martha tells all)
Nutcrackers can be chancy things. Of course I will stop and watch the ABC's recording with Misha and Gelsey any chance I see it, even if I'm not fond of some of the things in it. But I went to one played by the local world-famous symphony and danced by the city-named local ballet company, but alas some of those good German girls were a little heavy on the landing and I could hear the thumps in the second balcony! Younger-Son and I went to see a touring company a few years back, and they were much better (no thumps even tho the stage was hollow.)

But seriously, no Sugar Plum Fairy? No Mother Ginger? Is Hoffman spinning in his grave?

I do love the Fathom Events broadcasts when they give us some behind-the-scenes peeks. Alas, there were none at the broadcast of "Allegiance" last week.
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