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As I mentioned last fall, [personal profile] gridlore and I have come to the conclusion that we are just Too Damn Old™ to keep fussing with a tent on-playa every year. So we did our taxes as soon as all of the paperwork was in, determined what our budget was (an attempt to apply for financing fell about as flat as I had expected, so we were strictly cash-on-the-barrelhead), and started searching in earnest.

Then one of my coworkers sent me a link to something he found on OfferUp - for a THIRD of our budget.

A blank canvas

It's little more than a bed with walls around it, but that was all we were really looking for, anyway. And we knew that with that low a price tag, odds are we were going to wind up putting as much money into it again to get it ready to use.

Little did I know just how much sweat-equity would be involved...

Tuesday, I decided to use my gym time to take advantage of our AAA membership and get the trailer registered at their DMV counter. Only the seller's handwriting was pretty crappy, and neither of the two things the license number looked like were coming up in the computer. So off I schlepped to the storage facility to verify the plate, and thence to the DMV proper (which was fortunately only a couple of blocks away).

Where the clerk informed me that the plate on the back of the trailer was nowhere to be found in their database. And they were going to need me to bring the trailer in to have a VIN (and a new plate) issued. Call the office, tell them I'm going to be out all day, and head home to switch vehicles. Doug was amazingly apologetic, but had to deal with money earlier in the morning (never his strong suit, and one of the biggest casualties of the stroke atop that), so his brain was rapidly heading offline, and I was on my own.

We had already known the trailer was missing two lug nuts (one on each side), and I realized I was going to have to replace those before I took it in for inspection. Wound up making three trips to two different auto part stores (one by home, one by storage) before I was finally able to pull one of the remaining nuts off, find mates, and get them all installed.

Hooking the trailer up and driving over to the DMV was a cakewalk. The inspection was easy enough, despite being assigned to a trainee; the hardest part was them finding the right code to enter it into the system once I was back inside. Had the foresight to bring the renewal paperwork for the truck with me, and got that paid off, as well.

And then I had to take the trailer back to storage and park the damn thing.

Did I mention that I'd only driven it once around the block before this, and had never backed a trailer up before?

Twenty minutes later, after jackknifing it twice and screaming myself hoarse, I parked the truck, unhooked the trailer, and manhandled the damn thing back into place. (My boss has since introduced me to the concept of a trailer dolly; the one I ordered on Amazon showed up earlier today, and my entirely-too-awesome coworkers are putting it together for me now.)

By now it was 5pm, and I'd been on the move since 9am with only a venti non-fat iced chai and a ham and cheese croissant. Fortunately, I was on the right side of town for Sushi Factory, where I promptly rewarded myself for a hard day of adulting.

I've got some serious New Relationship Energy for this thing, lemmetellya. We've got the exterior artwork planned out (I ordered a custom stencil for the back which turned out beautifully), and little by little I'm getting stuff together for the interior. Found a storage ottoman on Craigslist to brace the lower half of the bed (the head is permanently mounted, but the foot is a free-floating piece of plywood so you can convert it to a couch during the daytime); I picked up an area rug from Freecycle last night, but it may be a little too MOOPy (which is a concern for me even though it'll be indoors the whole time). My boss is going to spot-weld the trailer for us next week, and will likely help us replace the cracked plexiglass window. (Doug was highly amused by how this became a group project in the 36 hours we had it parked behind the warehouse before moving it to storage.)

As I was leaving dinner Tuesday, I recognized a group of people walking towards the restaurant - including my very first boyfriend from HS. Much to my amazement, he sent the rest of his party in to get a table, then walked me back to the truck, where he took my hands and asked my forgiveness for the way he'd treated me when we were dating. "I was an ass, and a beast, and to put it in AA terms, I'd like to make amends." As the saying goes, you could have woken up to find the Sphinx with a new nose and not been more surprised than I.

Given he referenced AA...

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...I am sure he knows that the part about "making amends" also says "except where to do so would harm them..."
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