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So the new sari I ordered on Monday arrived today.

Close-up of saree pallu

It's half a yard longer than the one I already owned, and was sold with an "unstitched blouse piece," meaning there's an extra 3/4 yard of the fabric at the end with more of the same border trim, intended to be cut off and made into a matching choli; in my case I need all the yardage I can get just to wrap it around myself, so it's staying where it is. If I thought I was going to have the time to go hang out with [profile] 13thfairy or [tumblr.com profile] myrkrida between now and con, I might take the trim off that end and extend it along the bottom hem, but that's all the bit that's going to be on the inner wrap of the skirt, anyway. (I do need to get my hands on some Stitch Witchery, at the very least, as the blouse piece is not hemmed, and I don't want it fraying on me.)

This is SO much nicer than the one I'd been planning to use.
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