Mar. 16th, 2007

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[ profile] murphymom called me while I was in SF tonight at a Burning Man meeting; the funeral is Monday at 1pm. We're driving down Sunday and driving back Monday, possibly leaving directly from the cemetary (yes, my mother's crazy, but we knew this). I'll be taking Monday and Tuesday off from work, since I will clearly be in no condition to think the next day, no matter how quickly we make it back to the Bayarrhea; I'm giving serious thought to enhancing this by having Mom drop me at the bar (she has to return [ profile] n_1_n and the minivan to San Mateo, anyway, so she'll be driving right past it). [ profile] kor27 has already said he'd be happy to pour me into the Short Bus at the end of the night and take me home if I choose to do this. I will probably not take the opportunity to get obliterated, but being around friends and chosen-family that evening will be a good thing, methinks.

More later; my alarm goes off in five hours.
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...I DIDN'T have enough going on right now.

My first-generation iPod Shuffle stopped working tonight. I originally got the dreaded 1418 error when I tried to sync, but after downloading and installing the restore utility they offer, iTunes was no longer recognizing it at all. It's assuredly neither the adaptor nor the latest revision of the iTunes software (which I had just installed prior to this, so I wondered for a minute), because [ profile] gridlore's Shuffle (the same model) still appears right away.

So now I get to haul my ass out of bed first thing in the morning, schlep over to the mall, and have the lovely folks at the Genius Bar tell me "yep, it's broken." And probably try to sell me the new model (actually $10 less than what [ profile] jarlsberg71 paid when he wintergifted me with this in '05, for twice the storage space), which, of course, I can't afford this weekend for damn sure, and probably not for a while yet.

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