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Woke up with the alarm today at 0600...and immediately began wishing for a trepanning drill. Blindly found my way into clothing, took [livejournal.com profile] gridlore to work, advised him I would be using the credit card to get breakfast in the hopes that hot food would help. Advil Cold & Sinus and two acetaminophen around 0700 took a little of the edge off; a second AC&S at 0830 got me to where I no longer actively hurt, but was still very aware of the fact that I had a brain and sinus passages. Finally threw in the towel at 1000 and left work, asking the office to wish me luck (I remembered last spring's two-day nightmare all too well). Slept from 1100 to 1700, when Doug got home, and was feeling moderately human. Had a cup-o-saltnoodle for dinner and curled back up in bed with that and my latest book. Now I'm having more "tea, damnit" and feeling the pressure building up behind my right eye again; I'll take another AC&S before I go back to sleep.
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