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At roughly 5:30pm on Sunday, March 4th, Doug was admitted to Kaiser Santa Teresa with complications of acute sinusitis.

Asplenetic patients such as Doug are at increased risk of infection from encapsulated bacteria such as pneumococcus and meningococcus. In addition to receiving booster vaccines against both of those, he will be undergoing a course of intravenous antibiotics and a probable head/neck CT scan to determine the scope and extent of the infection currently on display around his right eye. Treatment is supposed to last two or three days.

Doug is still feeling pain in the superorbital sinus cavity, though the Augmentin he's been taking since Thursday night does appear to be having a positive effect on that, as the pain is no longer as pronounced when the Vicodin wears off (though an earlier attempt to reduce the V. dose was premature). The fact that he's feeling pain around the eye, as opposed to within it, is a good sign according to the doctors.

I am, as one might expect, completely out of spoons at this point (hence the timestamp on this post; I collapsed when I got home from the hospital, after an only partially-successful attempt to eat something for the first time in nine hours). I have to be up at 0530 to call Doug's boss and give him the lovely news that no, he really IS sick and won't be coming in to work for at least a week. From there, it's likely a trip to the laundromat down the street, as Doug and I both need clean clothes (I have to bring him the lounge pants he got for $WINTERHOLIDAY, as Kaiser apparently doesn't keep pajama bottoms in stock, and wearing just a gown depresses him), and then I get to figure out whether or not I can actually manage going to work - my boss at my current temp gig has been incredibly understanding this past week, but they do need me to be there, and with Doug out of the picture for at least a week, we really need my income. And I'm trying to balance all of this against the fact that I'm still sick, and as you can probably figure out, it's not going too well. :-P

I'm leaving comments enabled on both of these posts, but I'm disabling email copies as an exercise in spoon conservation; take it as read that your good wishes, positive energy, etc., are welcome and appreciated. As I noted above, Doug is only supposed to be in hospital for a couple of days; if that should change, I will post a locked update to both journals with room numbers, visiting hours, and all that jazz.
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