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One of the things that has kept me from making a "driving to BRC" playlist is that there are too many songs that I want to be first. This is one of them.

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backdated to the point where I was lying in bed last night and realized I'd forgotten to post...

I'm going to try not to duplicate acts too often, but there was really no other choice for this one.

It's been a decade since our last date. It's been at least five years since the last good email address I had for him started returning not-found errors. I said some incredibly hurtful things to him at one point that I've regretted for years, but I quite literally don't even know if he's alive at this point (the men in his family tend to have abbreviated lifespans).

If you're out there somewhere, tiger, I hope you're happy.
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Nothing in particular about the lyrics, but it just feels to me like a song built for cruising the main drag with all the windows open on a blistering hot day.

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[personal profile] murphymom and I went to the Fathom Events screening of The Nutcracker as performed by the Bolshoi Ballet, originally recorded in 2014.

I was surprisingly underwhelmed. )
I will say it wasn't all a letdown. I appreciated the fact that the Nutcracker doll was performed by a different, younger dancer, to make the transformation into the Prince all the more dramatic. I loved the behind-the-scenes footage we got before each act, with the dancers wearing leggings, down vests, etc., to keep their muscles warm before going on (including one person who I swear I saw wearing a Pikachu onesie). And getting to see the building itself was a treat.

In all, it was a good way to spend time with my mother for her birthday...but I think next year I may look for a local live production that doesn't cost the earth.
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...to mourn Prince's passing in the only appropriate way.

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An excellent overview with minimal voiceover (not least because half the video was shot on the sly). His comments about the lack of adjustments on the seat are things I've heard before; he's got nothing nice to say about the food, but this is still better than anything I've ever had set in front of me at 30,000ft. (And hallelujah, he showed us the lavatory. That was one of my biggest concerns, no pun intended.)

I'm still trying to decide whether or not the forward/down camera on the video display is helping with the panic dreams I've started to have. I'd really like my pre-9/11 love of flying back now, kthxbai.
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I remember watching this live, and how completely shattered I was as Bowie dropped to one knee in the middle of his set and recited the Lord's Prayer.

If there is a hereafter, I can only imagine that Freddie was waiting at the gates with a drink and a smoke.
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...was a brilliant intersection of my fannish home and my playa home.

[tumblr.com profile] myrkrida, thank you for letting us dream with you.
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Four. More. Years. We can do this.

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Condolences to the family and friends of Dennis Netto, a.k.a DENNIS ERECTUS of KOME/San Jose from its "Come Radio" heyday of the 1980s. Don West shares, "Dennis was an original and talented shock jock who pre-dated the notoriety of Howard Stern. Dennis worked briefly in Texas, but San Jose was his home. Even long after he left the station and KOME closed, selling its frequency to KUFX, people in the area still talk of him, and remember his remarkable style."

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Emmy winner Kathryn Joosten, whose emotional death scene as Karen McKluskey gave Desperate Housewives' recent series finale its biggest emotional punch, died yesterday of lung cancer in Westlake Village, CA. She was 72.


Prior to her Housewives success, Joosten was best known for playing Mrs. Landingham, secretary to Martin Sheen's President Bartlet, on The West Wing.

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This was the only response I could come up with this morning when [personal profile] gridlore greeted me with the news that Greg Ham was dead.

I have a quintessentially child-of-the-80s story to tell about this video, or rather the special from which it came. It was being broadcast on HBO, which we couldn't afford, and nobody I knew owned a VCR yet - we certainly didn't.

We did own a radio, however. And KFOG was simulcasting the special in stereo... I held onto that cassette, with the ad carefully cut out of TV Guide and glued to a piece of typing paper I had cut to fit in the case, for years - long after I actually owned anything I could play it in.

I actually found a site a couple of months ago that is selling DVD transfers of the special for $10, and while I know it's little better than a bootleg bought out of the back of someone's car, I was tempted to get it then, and moreso now.
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(04-18) 13:04 PDT LOS ANGELES, CA (AP) -- Dick Clark, the ever-youthful television host and tireless entrepreneur who helped bring rock `n' roll into the mainstream on "American Bandstand," and later produced and hosted a vast range of programming from game shows to the year-end countdown from Times Square on "New Year's Rockin' Eve," has died. He was 82.

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...and it seems somehow appropriate on this last night of the year.

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Many, MANY thanks to [livejournal.com profile] filkertom for the link.

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