Aug. 3rd, 2017 11:24 pm
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With All The Things to buy before we leave for TTITD, [personal profile] gridlore suddenly notices this evening that the side of his phone is leaking light...

The good news is his line was upgrade-eligible, and we're both perfectly content to be several versions out of date. We'll have matching iPhone SEs before we hit the dust.

But even WITH it going on our monthly bill in installments, that was a hit my wallet really didn't need.
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Never switch between HTML and Rich Text when making a post AGAIN.
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I was able to successfully retrieve the product key, but entering it and attempting to re-validate the software gives me an error code.

I know I have a few M$-savvy types, so here's my latest MDAG report. )
I've got an email in to the person who helped me with the original upgrade to Win7 to see if there's anything that can be done. I was intending to put Win10 on here - but without a validated install of 7, it isn't letting me.

I'll be the first person to admit that I've gotten a hell of a lot of use out of this machine - it was a refurb when I bought in 2008. And I'll be able to replace it easily once the settlement from the car posts to my bank account, without having a major affect on my budget for a new vehicle. But, much like the car, I wasn't ready to replace it.
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...I go home at lunch to take [personal profile] gridlore to his occupational therapy appointment...

And my laptop isn't booting up.

Less than 72 hours after my brother got it running again.

I swear I'm gonna dig a hole, crawl in, and pull the hole in after me.


Oct. 22nd, 2013 11:32 pm
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On the one hand, my brother was able to take apart my laptop, blow about 5lbs. of playa dust out of it (seriously, we used 2/3 of a can of compressed air), put it back together again, and get it to run.

On the other hand, I went to get in my car afterward, and discovered I'd gotten a parking ticket (street parking tends to be challenging in [personal profile] murphymom's neighborhood, so I pulled into the driveway behind her and got tagged for obstructing the sidewalk).

On the gripping hand, a $55 ticket is almost certainly less than it would have cost me to take the computer to a shop for diagnosis and repair.

On the octopus half (tm [ profile] janetmiles), the list of other places I could use that $55 is not short.
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Having received no local offers of assistance from my last update, [personal profile] gridlore and I decided that the time had come for me to try the data transfer myself. (I've opened towers and installed components before, it's just been the better part of a decade since I needed to.) So we ordered the kit I linked to in this entry, familiarized myself with it by transferring the MP3s from the drives mentioned therein (along with stuff we didn't remember having) to my laptop, then set down to get to work.

The drive now hangs on the init screen. ([ profile] kor27, is this what you saw the last time you powered it up?)


I've ordered a copy of the recovery discs for the computer; once they arrive, we'll bundle those up with our upgrade discs and the new HD, schlep the lot back over to Squeak God, and pay them their pound of flesh to get the job done.

I seriously just want to fucking cry.
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When last we left our intrepid heroes, [personal profile] gridlore was faced with a computer with a failing hard drive. Armed with a replacement acquired in the Black Friday aftermath, we set out to find someone who could mirror the old drive onto the new one and get it installed for us. One friend offers to do the job, manages to crack open the machine long enough to discover that there are two drives in it, but otherwise fails to find enough time over the next several weeks to accomplish anything further; with regret on both sides, the machine is returned to us in its previous state. Hoping to just get the job DONE at this point, we try to take it to a professional...who not only quotes us something north of $300, needs the install disks for the original OS (something that didn't come with the machine, which was a refurb) in order not to violate their contract with M$. Back to our social circle, where another friend says he does not have the time, either, but is willing to loan out the equipment if we find someone who does.

Is there ANYONE within striking distance of the Santa Clara CalTrain station (to pick a random landmark) who has both the time and the ability to get Doug's computer back online, ideally within the next week?

(crossposting this to my FB; apologies to those of you who'll see it more than once)
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[crossposted from FB, apologies to those of you who've seen it once already]

The hard drive in [personal profile] gridlore's desktop appears to be failing; it hangs on startup, and listening to the machine I hear a sound reminiscent of the end of an LP as the needle continues to hunt for the groove. If we're able to pick up a new HD, do any of my local friends have the ability to image the old drive for us? Money, as ever, is tight, and I shudder to think what this might cost at a repair shop.
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I now have this running DVR'ed copies of "No Reservations" running in the background. It's smaller than the one I almost got, but still bigger than anything I could've bought new. (And a proper widescreen, at last!)
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Any of my local friends have a spare TV set? [personal profile] gridlore and I were planning to upgrade to a flatscreen with our tax refund after the first of the year...and then our set stopped working on Sunday. (Just in time for the post-season. :-P) I'll buy one this weekend after I get paid if I have to, but money is tight enough right now that I'd REALLY rather not.

My friends are smarter than I am. Someone on Facebook suggested Craigslist; I found an ad that was literally less than ten minutes old for a 30" flatscreen for under $100. My boss offered to front me the cash until Friday, so I'm going to pick it up after work. (It's still plugged in and hooked up to the current owner's cable, so I can confirm I'm not buying an oven door.)
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Amazingly, this is not about Scrapbook going away (though I'm singularly unimpressed by this development, as well). No, this is completely different fuckery.

I left a comment on a friend's post earlier today. Said comment was screened, which is zir prerogative, of course. However, the screened-comment behavior has COMPLETELY changed, and not for the better. The "this comment has been screened" message is now a pop-up dialog, which is fine, particularly as dismissing the message returns you to the post at your comment.

No, the problem I have is this:


How many of you can actually READ that text without pain?

I am REALLY glad I have made DW my primary blogging platform, and for all my previous commentary that I would continue to use LJ as long as it continued to exist, I find myself questioning that stand almost daily.
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(copied, and expanded upon, from chat)

$BANK moved the auto loan stuff to a new site, and I'm trying to move my account there. They want "your ten-digit loan number" to start. My loan number ISN'T ten digits. There's a ten-digit section in the middle, but it tells me that's not valid, and the field isn't large enough to enter all the digits. And if I call them to figure it out, they'll want last month's payment and the one that's due today, which I can't give them.

Coupled with drama from over the weekend (which I have not talked about, and have no intention of doing so) and an ongoing issue at work with defective product, I'm really just ready to punch something.

...aaaaaaaaaaaaand I almost just choked on my potassium supplement as I was trying to post this.

I think I need Emergency Sushi tonight. Now to find a reasonably-priced sushi boat place closer than Westgate.
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Do any of my local geeky friends have a hard drive dock? I still have both HDs from my old desktop system, and I'd like to see if any of the data can be salvaged (most specifically, my MP3s are all on one of them) before they get tossed.

Failing that, can one (or more) of you tell me if this is a worthwhile investment?
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To the person with the T-Mobile account in the 760 area code who emailed me from your phone tonight: Thank you! But you should probably know that it came through with a blank subject line and no fewer than NINE broken images framing the three words of text you wanted to send.
kshandra: Graffiti of hands ripping open a dress shirt, Superman fashion, to reveal the word FAIL (FAIL) anyone else still on the LJ side of the Great Divide: Comment notifications have stopped again.

EDIT: Someone appears to have poured the right amount of Drano in the right series of tubes, as they've started to appear again.
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I'm currently reading both my LJ f'list and my DW Reading page on a daily basis. As I have a number of you added on both sites, this means I'm seeing a considerable amount of duplicate posts right now. If you have accounts on both LJ and DW with crossposting enabled, I will be removing you from my LJ reading filter (though not removing you from my f'list). I realize this means I'll be missing a lot of the conversation going forward, but I have enough trouble keeping up with my various social networks as it is.
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First and foremost, a request for Dreamwidth account names - I suspect that more of you than I currently follow on the DW side actually have accounts, and I want to make sure I'm connected with all of you. (If you're more comfortable just adding [personal profile] kshandra and sending me a PM to let me know who you are/were on LJ, that's fine, too; I just want to be sure I know who everyone is.)

Next, a couple of pointers for journals/communities you should perhaps be following - [community profile] lj_refugees on the DW side, [ profile] rollback88 on the LJ side.

Finally, from [personal profile] argylepiratewd in [community profile] lj_refugees, a friending meme.

Edit: But wait, there's more! Thanks to [personal profile] musyc for sharing the following:

[personal profile] rydra_wong is hosting the Giant Community Rec-o-matic Post, for users to help each other find interesting comms. (Also [site community profile] dw_community_promo to advertise comms and [community profile] create_my_comm to suggest comms you'd like to see but don't have time to make/run.)
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(CEO of SUP, parent company of Livejournal)

Link the everliving snot out of [ profile] amberdiceless's post, folks. Page-rank it from here to kingdom come.
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From the latest post in [site community profile] dw_news:

Earlier this year, we decided to try out a "no invite codes needed" week to see whether we could do it semi-regularly and still keep the same level of service (and of spam protection) that the invite codes let us stick with. The results were pretty good, so we've decided to try it again, and for a little longer this time!

For the rest of the year, creating a Dreamwidth account will not require an invite code: just visit the Create an Account page.

We do reserve the right to switch invite codes back on if open account creation is causing problems -- invite codes let us carefully balance the site's resources and keep spammers from overrunning the site -- but with luck, that shouldn't be a problem.

With the continuing fuckery at LJ (You have heard about what they're doing to comments, yes?), I suspect more and more people are going to be looking for a bolt hole. Even if all you're looking to do right now is park your preferred username, this would be the time to do it.

Edit, 2:20pm: I see people haven't heard. The upcoming release includes multiple changes to the comments page...including the removal of subject lines in comments. (Note: entry is in Russian, apart from the footnote)

Particularly damning, I find, is this comment from [ profile] frozen_solid, near the end of the 16 pages(!) of commentary on that entry:

So I switched to beta to see it for myself, and honestly it's not as bad as I feared... but the lack of subject lines is HORRIFIC. Not only do subject lines not work for new threads, but old threads have their subject lines removed. This ruins every single community that relies on subject lines. It's one thing if you have to work around the lack of subject lines for new comments, that is manageable but still annoying... the removal of every subject line in past comment threads is absolutely terrible. It's completely deleted data that the communities were built around NEEDED to function, and you've just removed it from underneath us. We can't correct the years of old comments that needed filters to work around this. There IS no work around. We're just screwed. PLEASE bring subject lines back.

The change is being discussed at length in the latest [ profile] news post; I'm tracking this thread to see if we get an actual answer or if they just railroad us with this change the way they have with so many others.
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As some of you will recall, [personal profile] gridlore has an early-model Asus Eee PC. In a moment of supreme overconfidence, we opted at the time not to spend the extra $100 to get the Windows XP model, figuring the interface on the *nix version would be easy enough for him to figure out.

Yeah, about that....

And so, poor Mr. Bigglesworth has been languishing in a drawer since we got back from Montreal two summers ago (where he didn't get all that much use, either); his OS hasn't been updated since we brought him home. With another WorldCon staring us in the face, Doug's starting to plan ahead, and realizing how nice it would be if we weren't jockeying for time on my laptop (which, amazingly, still doesn't have a name) when we're back in the hotel room.

I know some of my local geeks have Eees. Some of you might even have the Windows version (shock and surprise). Just how complicated (and/or expensive) will it be for us to get Windows installed? (Getting the present OS updated to the current version is suboptimal, but if our only other option is "buy a new netbook with Windows already installed," we'll take it.)

Okay, okay. I was prepared for heated conversation, but I'm getting it in unexpected areas. Thus far, almost everyone who has weighed in on the subject does this for a living, which is nice, but you don't know that about each other. Rather than risk the possibility of watching people I like get annoyed with each other, I'm going to close comments. If you have assistance to offer me, feel free to do so in PMs.
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