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I finished both the program at Cielo House and my physical therapy in the third week of June. I am incredibly grateful for my time in both programs, and grateful to all of you who helped make it happen. (I'm also very grateful I'm NOT in treatment currently, because I absolutely would not have the bandwidth.)

I actually find myself hoping [personal profile] gridlore's treatment team will recommend aquatic therapy for him, as well. (There was a peer group of recovered stroke patients who were visiting the floor today while I was there; I mentioned the center where I'd just finished my PT, and one of them brightened up and said "I did my PT there, too!")
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Woke up at 1am with what I suspected was food poisoning. At 8 this morning, [personal profile] gridlore drove me to Urgent Care, where I did singularly disgusting things in the name of medicine (no, I won't tell you) and was informed that no, I have an elevated white cell count, and here's Cipro for the infection and Zofran for the nausea.

12+ hours later, I am still miserable, though I finally have some painkiller on-board (the doctor offered me Vicodin, but that seemed counterintuitive with the symptoms I'm not telling you about). I've emailed to cancel my second PT appointment for the week, and need to email Cielo and tell them I don't expect to be back on solid food tomorrow, so making up the clinic hours I'm missing right now is unlikely. Work tomorrow is anyone's guess.
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Because it's not just the cost of the treatment facility. It's copayments for the doctor's appointments they've wanted me to get, and the labwork those appointments have generated, and physical therapy, and and and. (In the interest of full disclosure, I have been using some of the money raised to cover the PT costs; it's all part and parcel of the same process, but since it wasn't something I explicitly stated I was raising the money for, I've felt dishonest for doing it.)

And now I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea and need to be fitted with a face-hugger.

There are days I question the value of it all.
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I'm so glad you didn't ask...

Seriously, it's fucking rough. I'm almost three months into the process, and my hunger/fullness cues STILL aren't responding to the levels of nutrition I'm taking in. (I've had some particularly triggery thoughts on that score lately that I won't repeat here...but I'll be sharing them with my treatment team.) And after close to 35 years of being inundated with diet culture, it's almost impossible for me not to be results-oriented in the process.

GoFundMe keeps sending occasional reminders to me to post more updates, to keep my fundraiser in the "public" eye. But it's hard to talk about it when there's nothing I feel like I can point to and say "See? Progress!" Everyone who has contributed so far has, by doing so, said they believe in me...and I'm desperately afraid of letting all of you down.
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The first bill from Cielo House arrived yesterday.


I am unendingly grateful to everyone who has already donated, be it financially or by contributing something to my earlier fundraiser. There were several of you who offered more items up after the first post, and I appreciate all of you, as well, even though I wasn't able to follow up with any of you.

The simple fact of the matter is I don't have the spoons to manage a fundraiser like that. Not while I'm trying to juggle my full time job, the minimum hours required to qualify for insurance coverage at the house, and now physical therapy on top of the rest. So it's time to try something else.

Yes, I was doing my damnedest to keep from putting out the begging bowl, but needs must.

If you'd prefer to send something directly, the address for PayPal is purplekoosh at Gmail. And if you're not in a position to contribute, feel free to boost the signal far and wide.

And above all else, thank you for listening as I take this life-changing journey. Possibly the most important day of my life - maybe even more important than my wedding day - was the day someone told me "We can help you"...and I was ready to be helped.

Recovery is an amazing thing.
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First and foremost, my thanks to everyone who has either purchased something or contributed outright.

Secondly, my apologies to those of you who have offered additional items for sale and haven't heard back from me. To say that I am out of spoons right now barely scratches the surface. I will try to put together an updated post this coming weekend.

Lastly, if you haven't boosted the signal before now, be it here, Facebook, Tumblr, or wherever, please consider doing so. I genuinely appreciate every penny raised so far...but I need to raise all of them, somehow.

Again, thank you all.
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Just added four GORGEOUS pieces of handmade jewelry to the original post - and thank you again, [livejournal.com profile] fimbrethil! - so if you haven’t checked it out yet, now is an excellent time to do so!
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Okay, I've had several remarkably generous offers, and it's time to get this show on the road. I'll be putting each offer behind its own cut tag, and once again, all offers will be screened. DON'T LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU - several people have agreed to multiple slots. Once you've commented with your interest, I'll respond with the email address to forward your receipt to, and you can work out shipping, etc. details as relevant directly.

To recap: I have a 35% copay for the intensive outpatient program I am currently in, plus a $500 deductible; my employer has generously offered to cover half that cost, but that still leaves me on the hook for almost $3,000.

I'll keep the post updated as often as I can. As with the original request for contributions, feel free to boost the signal. (A version of this post is also available on my Tumblr, and you're welcome to reblog there as well.)


Needlecraft from capplor )

Jewelry from fimbrethil )

Homemade cards from gloraelin )

Fannish offerings and needlecraft from lilalanor )

Leather-bound journals (and more to come!) from Fae )

Books from zegrockle )

Tarot readings from copyx )

SF BAY AREA: Acupuncture and more from Amy )
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So we're coming up on the end of my first month of treatment at Cielo House, which means the bill will be coming due shortly. And while I'm dedicated to paying for as much of this out-of-pocket as I can, I have to face the fact that "as much as I can" is still going to leave a significant shortfall.

[livejournal.com profile] fimbrethil made a suggestion in an earlier post:

If you do a fundraiser, it doesn't have to be begging. You can offer things in return. Perhaps Doug will let you offer some of his gaming books you've been trying to sell. Is there something you can do in return? Maybe you craft-oriented friends would donate something as a perk? I would donate a piece or perhaps a few pieces of custom made jewelry to help you raise the money.

I've taken part in a similar crowd-driven fundraiser before, and I recall it working very well. It goes like this:
  • Sandy posts an item for sale and names a price.
  • Chris responds to the post saying "I'll take it!"
  • Chris sends the funds to Taylor, who needs the money, and forwards a copy of the PayPal receipt to Sandy.
  • Sandy and Chris then work out the details of delivering the item.

It doesn't even need to be tangible goods; I've seen people offer graphics, fiction, editing services...you name it.

I am officially opening this post up as a Request for Donations In Kind. All comments will be screened; once I have a reasonable number of items, I'll make a new post with all of the offers in one place. (I'm planning to crosspost a version of this to my Tumblr, as well as DW/LJ, and I figure it'll be easier to keep track of everything this way. Making a new community on either DW or LJ strikes me as being overly complicated, since not everyone has accounts on both sites, and not everyone is comfortable using OpenID to access the site they don't regularly use.)

Feel free to boost the signal in your own journals if you want to help but can't in a more tangible fashion.
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I heard from the house manager at Cielo House this afternoon shortly before I left work. She's going to follow up with me tomorrow to confirm an intake appointment on Thursday...

...with an eye toward starting treatment on Monday.

I'm 99% certain that isn't going to happen; we're going to need to go through the same back-and-forth I did with La Ventana regarding insurance, financial aid, etc. But at the same time, the prospect of things moving so quickly, after such a very lengthy process the first time around, is a little terrifying. As I said to [personal profile] gridlore earlier tonight, "I'm suddenly behind a team of runaway horses."

Updates to follow.
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