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I was working up the energy to get ready for work this morning when [personal profile] gridlore commented that he was exceedingly grateful not to be driving for a living today. He had been listening to the local news radio station as he does most mornings, and had just heard about this.

Half of the routes we were delivering to today (including 80% of the routes we had moved up for the holiday, as they're normally covered on Thursdays) use that freeway. And CHP closed it just as our drivers were all leaving the warehouse this morning... Fortunately, none of our customers have called wondering where their deliveries were (no doubt the overall change in schedule was enough to make them understand that today was not business-as-usual), but everyone's been running 45-60 minutes behind all day.

Once I was settled in at work, my thoughts drifted to Scott, for obvious reasons. Hard to believe it's almost eleven years. Part of me wishes he was here, in the wake of the election; no doubt he'd be on the front lines of the resistance (and it terrifies me that I am moved to use that word to describe my friends and family in the 21st century, but what other word fits as well?). And part of me is bitterly grateful that he didn't live to see what this country has been revealed to be.
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In among the various photos on the CDs I've got was this one. Star has been Chukka's boon companion in recent years, and has had many, many tears shed in her fur.

I didn't have as many photos of the wedding as I thought I did, but they're all here now.
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Scott "Bounce" Lofgren's widow, Carol "Chukka/CryptoFishist" Sachs, was in a major accident while boarding a train in Innsbruck, Austria on Friday, April 27. Chukka has had both legs amputated approximately 5" above the knee and was in a medically-induced coma pending further surgery tomorrow (Wednesday).

Her mother will be arriving from the Bay Area on Friday. Updates, as we get them, will be posted to http://chukkasupport.blogspot.com/, which has already been syndicated here as [livejournal.com profile] chukkasupport.

The last two years have been incredibly difficult for Chukka; she's never really recovered from Scott's death. Please, keep her in your thoughts.
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They're taking the intarwebs away at my current assignment (from anyone who doesn't actually need it for their job, not just me), which means no LJ, no 10@10, and no email during the day...and until we manage to get our networking issues squared away at home (I've had several offers for tech support; [livejournal.com profile] gridlore and I just need to finish cleaning the sty apartment so whoever does the job doesn't break zir neck walking in the door), I probably won't be getting online until somewhere in the 8-9pm vicinity during the week.

This will, of course, have a dramatic affect on my ability to comment in a timely fashion - if, in some cases, at all. If you need my input on something, email me the link so I'm certain to actually see it, and please be patient.

In other news, Pride was lovely. I didn't actually get to the festival, but I managed to see the entire parade for the first time in years (and those two statements are even more directly connected than they appear - standing for four hours, even in weather as gorgeous as SF had yesterday, gets uncomfortable fast). I met up with the CryptoFishist (Scott's widow) early, and we watched the parade together, blowing kisses to the Medical crew whenever they came by (and weren't obviously responding to a call). I got some good pictures, but forgot to bring extra batteries with me for the camera, so I didn't get as many as I might have liked. [livejournal.com profile] tattycat, I did manage to get a kiss from a hot babe - it was a Hershey Kiss, alas, and I neglected to get a picture of the blonde who gave it to me, but I'd be happy to send you the wrapper as your requested proof. ;-)

Whoever said "face" or "forearms" in the Annual Sunburn Pool (because it isn't officially Pride until I've burned something) can collect your No-Prizes now. More painful, however, was the faceplant I took in the parking lot at Diridon Station when I got off the train coming home; much like last year, I turned an ankle on an uneven patch of pavement, and went down in slow-motion with a full backpack and multiple witnesses. :-P Said witnesses all asked if I was okay; one offered me a ride, for which I was truly grateful even though I didn't need it (I was about 10 slots away from where Sammi was parked when I went down). Much more road rash this year than last (I was wearing shorts), and the muscle aches have been making themselves increasingly known today. But at least it happened at the end of the day this time, rather than in the middle.
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[livejournal.com profile] gridlore asked me to pick up some soda for him on my way home from work. There was a homeless person in the parking lot at Safeway who said the magic word - food. (Ask me for money, and I won't meet your eyes. Ask me for something to eat, and we can work something out.)

I grabbed a hoagie out of the to-go case, and went to grab a drink to go with it. And I remembered the flats of water at Scott's funeral. 1.5L bottles of water were on special, so that got added to the pile. I had looked at a package of pre-pasted toothbrushes, but ultimately decided against them. And then, as I was in the checkout lane, I spied a travel pack of antibacterial baby wipes...one of those went in the lunch bag, as well.

I handed the man the bag as I walked out, and headed to my car. By the time I drove off, he was sitting at the cart return, eating. We waved to each other as I rolled by.

And Scott Lofgren made a difference in someone's life one more time.
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Scott (Bounce) Lofgren's Memorial Service

These are all up with minimal editing. Some of them are rather badly unfocused; my profound apologies, the camera is new to me. If you can help fill in names of any of the people present in the photos, let me know.

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I spoke with Scott's wife last night; at this point, the only certainties are that the memorial will be the second weekend of January, somewhere in the Oakland/Berkeley vicinity. Please check this thread on the ePlaya for details as they finalize and for rideshare information.
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Received an email from Chukka this afternoon; to best accommodate Scott's sister coming from Minnesota, it is likely the memorial wiil be on the weekend of Jan 13-14th.

Additionally, Joseph Pred has set up a fund through Mutual Aid Response Services (the company he started, where Scott worked); donations will go towards Scott's funeral expenses, with excess funds donated in Scott's name to a charity Chukka desginates.

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An off-duty emergency medical technician from Berkeley was killed this morning in Albany after stopping to assist a driver involved in a solo-spinout on Interstate Highway 80.

Scott was a member of Burning Man's Emergency Services Department; he and his wife Chukka were two of the people who supported me greatly after my breakup with [livejournal.com profile] dafydd last year, making sure I got out of the house and Did Things every now and again. He will be missed.

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All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.... )
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[livejournal.com profile] karenbynight and Hobbes (her bike) were parked right next to the top of the Market & Drumm escalator when I got off BART. An auspicious beginning to the day if ever there was one.

There were some fantastic people lined up with us. One woman there with her son, who looked to be about ten and was quite merrily wandering around in a spaghetti-strap top, miniskirt, and boots. (Mom told us he wore white lace last year...it didn't seem to be an identity thing; he was just enjoying the genderfuck. 'cause he was workin' that outfit, lemmetellya.) And this stunning black woman - coffee-colored, slender, with extensions that went from braids to sausage curls at about the half-way point and danced along her shoulders, wearing a long-sleeved ribknit black top and jeans she had cuffed retro-fashion to just graze the tops of her black go-go boots. *swoon*

I need my own bike, or scooter, or something, because my god, that was the most amazing experience.... It's interesting; marching in the parade is a very different experience from watching - and riding with the Women's Motorcycle Contingent is different from marching. The energy you feel, cruising down Market and seeing the reactions of people, from jubilation to tears and back again...I need to do this again. Thank you again, K, for making it happen for me this year.

Holy god, I'm sore. And not even for a fun reason. K and I made it successfully through the ride, got me off the bike without incident afterward - and then I tripped and fell trying to walk back up to the parade route. (I landed HARD, too - hard enough to actually bend two of the stays in my corset. I'm not looking forward to writing to Xcentricities and finding how much it's going to cost to replace the stays...but neither am I interested in continuing to wear it with a V-shaped bend in the steel.)

I not only saw everyone I was hoping to see, but saw people I wasn't expecting, too! The Mousketeer roll call, in order (as best I can recall):
  • [livejournal.com profile] mikz, doing some petitioning with Love and Politics
  • [livejournal.com profile] shadopanther and [livejournal.com profile] eeyore_grrl, who actually managed to find K and me before the parade (and who got pictures of us, prompting K to say "At last, a photo we might actually get a copy of!" 'cause damn, I've never had my picture taken so many times)
  • [livejournal.com profile] zyxwvut (who took "a crappy cellphone picture") and [livejournal.com profile] zahraa, both before the parade on their way to the marshalling point for the bi contingent and at Civic Center BART afterward
  • my dancer/Burner friend OnionGirl, with the bellydance contingent that came by to entertain everyone before the parade started
  • [livejournal.com profile] chriso and [livejournal.com profile] johno (who I think got at least one pic as we zoomed by), working the route as safety monitors
  • [livejournal.com profile] lokiz_mom, who was on the phone with...
  • [livejournal.com profile] thegoodmo, who wandered through the festival with me as I went to visit with...
  • [livejournal.com profile] onetruegrits, looking positively fabulous, who was working the Utilikilt booth (and got Mo to buy one, so he doesn't have to borrow [livejournal.com profile] bovil's anymore)
  • Burner friend Chai Guy (who I will eventually recognize on sight without him needing to reintroduce himself - bless him for doing so every time I've needed it), soliciting booth owners to participate in the Bernal Heights fair
  • Burner friends Cryptofishist (who took more pix) and her husband, working medical
  • [livejournal.com profile] the_ogre and his sweetie SG (who gave me water)

And I think that's everyone. If I forgot you, remind me and forgive me, please?

I should note that everyone I listed after [livejournal.com profile] onetruegrits I saw at the UK booth, prompting me to start thinking of it as Pride's Cafe du Monde - hang out there long enough, and everyone you know will eventually walk by.

Okay, I should actually pretend to be working, now. ;-) I hope everyone had a weekend as fabulous as mine.
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