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So I was rubbing money on the sore spot last night and placed an Amazon order (nothing outrageously frivolous, but things that weren't all that high on the priority list - replacement bands for our Fitbits; an extra seatbelt extender so I don't have to keep moving the first one from my car to [personal profile] gridlore's truck; a vinyl mat and storage bag for Doug's chessmen, so he can bring them to Thanksgiving). While I was at it, I finally made the jump and signed up for Prime; we order just enough from them to make free shipping worthwhile, and having another entertainment stream for Doug at home certainly doesn't hurt. I was expecting to be given a confirmation screen so I could choose between monthly or annual payments - I'll eventually switch to the cheaper rate, but I don't have it to spare right now.

I wasn't.

Since Friday's a federal holiday, my paycheck had fortunately posted a day early, so the money was there, but I kinda need it for other bills.

(I went into my account and changed it immediately, but now it looks like I have to wait for the original transaction to post so they can refund it. Which is frustrating, because I know from my own job that those transactions can be voided same-day.)

I was anxious anyway this week; why not add money stress to the pile? :-P
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...maybe I should mention it in a less passive-aggressive way than buried in the comments on another post. It's a week from tomorrow (Thursday), and [livejournal.com profile] gridlore tells me that folks have been asking him what I want. Thus, the following:

  • I have updated my wishlists at Amazon, WishRepublic, and The Purple Store.
  • Pocket Dragons will, as always, be welcome, though opportunities to acquire them appear to be getting fewer and further between. I currently own (in alphabetical order) Happy Camper, I Said No!!, Magic Reading Hat, two copies of Rub My Tummy?, and Tea for Two. (Thanks as always to [livejournal.com profile] dandelion_diva and [livejournal.com profile] medancer for indulging my habit previously.)
  • For a more intimate splurge, anything in Bath and Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar line is always welcome, as are their Three-in-Ones (Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Shampoo) in Cinnamon Bun Heaven, Frosting Forever, or (if you can find it) Wickedly Hot Chocolate.
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I would not argue if anyone wanted to buy me a poster. (Note that their site appears to have large amounts of b0rkenness in Firefox; I had to load that link in M$IE to get the order form to come up right.) Something to keep in mind for the holidays, maybe (and yes, laminated, please, since it doesn't cost extra).
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So Rose and I went to the San Francisco Pride Parade this morning; it was my first time actually going to the parade in three years, and Rose's first time at a pride parade ever (she spent more time in New York trying to avoid the crowd), so I'd really been looking forward to it. And I was not disappointed.

I was surprised to find myself in tears as the Women's Motorcycle Contingent drove past; it's been a while since I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of "Wow. I live here. I live here. And this is all okay." I get a little jolt of that whenever I drive past the Castro flagpole in Harvey Milk Plaza, but the women just kept driving past, and driving past.... And it was so nice to have someone there with me to share that feeling; Rose and I spent a long time just holding each other and sniffling after that.

I got to "see" a few people in the parade.... SG was wandering around with a few of the safety monitors, wearing a headset and looking important, as she does so well. Daddy BJ was riding with the WMC - and riding solo, which surprised me, as she usually has a list of volunteer passengers as long as her arm - as well as the woman who I buy most of my leathergoods from. White Rats Morris were in the parade again; Z! was dancing with them, but I didn't see either K or B.

We actually wound up leaving the parade route before it was over, but neither of us had had breakfast, much less lunch, and it was pushing 2pm by then. As we were leaving, a particularly cute girl walked over to us and asked if she and her girlfriend could borrow our couch to make out on. (I'd brought the folding settee we picked up at Costco, and wound up not using it much - too many people trying to crowd in where we had set up. Hopefully we'll manage to get there earlier next year, so we can set up right along the fence.)

And then there were folks at the festival that I actually got to talk to....

TF, who used to work with Doug and me at SuperShuttle, was working the PFLAG table. I got a big hug, and we caught up for a little bit; he's still working at the same hotel he's been at for a couple of years now (not the one he left the company for, but a step up), and just got back from his fourth year in the AIDS Ride. I let him know that Doug was working in dispatch (his old job) now, and he said "I was about to ask how he was doing - but I'm always a little afraid to," which made us both chuckle wryly. I'm sure there are a lot of people he dreads asking that about....

Then I got to talk to Pirate, one of the Rangers I've gotten to know going to the BeachBurns with dafydd. I'd seen him on one of their carts earlier in the day, doing the Royal Wave as a couple of his EMS compatriots worked on someone who appeared to have passed out, so I was really jazzed to actually catch up to him to say hi. It took him a minute or two to recognize me without dafydd there, but I got a really good hug from him once he did, so it's all good. ;-) He introduced me to Speedbump, one of the other Rangers who was working EMS with him, called dafydd a punk for not being there with me (until I told him that dafydd was probably still asleep after having gotten home from Feast of Fire at 0415 this morning), and then he had to go attend to someone who'd been brought into the tent while we were talking, so I didn't get to introduce Rose.

And, of course, I shopped. ;-) I got lots and lots of Mardi Gras beads - at $1 a strand, who wouldn't? And I picked up a lovely little wooden trinket box, painted lavender, with a great rainbow-colored diamond drawn in Celtic knotwork on the top and sides. Rose picked up a sleeveless denim shirt with the same pattern embroidered on the left breast. (I'm trying to find a copy of the design somewhere, but I've struck out so far. If I find one, I'll come back and link to it.)

It's been a good weekend....
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(I started this journal entry over three hours ago; Real Life{tm} keeps interfering....)

dafydd had a physical agility test in Novato this morning and is working Feast of Fire in the East Bay tonight, and didn't see a whole lot of point in driving all the way home between the two. So I sighed and grudgingly agreed to let him come over.

Yeah, right. Twist my arm. ;-)

He got here around 12:30 this afternoon, and we chatted with Doug for a bit before grabbing lunch. And then, we shopped. Boy, did we shop.

Earlier in the week, I'd made the decidedly unsexy comment that I wanted cotton nightgowns, so we went over to Avenue and picked out a few (with purple flowers, natch) that he bought me as a belated birthday present. (He'd had a rather horrendous experience attempting to get something for me online that wound up with him cancelling the order.) From there, it was over to Costco to put gas in his truck and pick up a folding cot for the event tonight. While we were there, I wound up getting a book for Doug (can't tell you what, it's part of his birthday present) and a set of wire-frame storage cubes to replace the stack of milk crates we've had in the bedroom forever. From there, it was off to Office Depot to look for another bookshelf to go in the soon-to-be-office, but what they had was all out of our price range; I grabbed a box of pens for work, and we were on our way.

I'd seen a decorative mirror with a mock-bamboo frame and a plaque reading "Trust In Yourself" at Bed Bath & Beyond when I was there with Rose last weekend, and I decided to go back and get it - which gave dafydd the idea to pick up a full-length mirror for Rose's birthday present (her present had been part of his cancelled order, and the mirror she'd gotten through eBay wound up not being what she was expecting). While we were at that mall, I commented on a DVD twin-pack I'd seen at the Wherehouse on that last visit.... I wasn't expecting him to be able to resist a copy of Backdraft; that it was paired with Apollo 13 was just gravy. And they had the Shrek soundtrack back in stock, so I was happy.

And then we were off to Borders so I could finally pick up presents for Rose. I managed to find two of the books on her wishlist (one each from Doug and me), and a couple more for us (oh, like you could walk into a bookstore and not get yourself something), and then dafydd found a couple for himself.... We were practically screaming "Get me out of here before I spend more money!" at each other by the time we hit the check-out counter. ;-) A quick duck into McDonald's to satisfy Doug's craving for Chicken McNuggets, and we were on our way home.

I dropped almost $200 today - and boy did it feel good. ;-)
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I was awake by 9:30, for reasons I can not adequately explain. There were a couple of 10am panels that I was sort of interested in, though, so I stumbled into my clothes and staggered downstairs. One of the panels was on solar wood-burning, and it was still fairly cloudy outside, so I figured it might not happen and headed for the other one, a percussion workshop.

So I should have figured that the percussion workshop would have been rescheduled. (This happened rather a lot over the course of the weekend, from what I saw....) However, they replaced it with a belly-dance workshop, so I stayed. I actually danced for the whole 90 minutes, which surprised me - my feet were already incredibly sore from all the time I'd been on them Friday, and spending that much time with my knees partially bent isn't exactly my idea of fun, either. But I managed, and it was a hell of a workshop. I hadn't showered before, but boy, did I need one when I was done....

Doug was in the room when I got back to wash up, and we started trying to plan for the day. He had found out while I was at class that Chris Knight's Trailer Park had been moved directly opposite his panel, which annoyed the hell out of both of us. (Chris didn't take too kindly to it either, we later discovered, as they didn't bother telling him this before he flew up from LA...) And then dafydd paged to let us know he was on his way over from the drill. I looked at the clock, and looked at Doug, and said "Um, honey...?" I really hadn't wanted to miss his panel, 'cause I figured he'd need the support, but we were starting to run short on time.

Met dafydd up at the room, ducked my head into Doug's panel long enough to tell him he was on his own for lunch, and headed out. After a nice lunch at Chili's, we got all the food, the cushions, and the chairs we'd forgotten the night before loaded into the back of the truck, asked ourselves three times if we were forgetting anything, and went to make copies of the party flyer and pick up ice for the coolers. Back over to the hotel, up to the front desk to grab a bell cart, get everything out of the truck and into the room....

And damn near put my fist through the wall when I realized we'd left dafydd's CD player at home.

He went back downstairs to park the truck, and I agreed to meet him in the Dealers' Room. Caught up with Doug while I was taking the bell cart back to the front desk - "Do you want the bad news or the bad news?" There was Yet Another Party setting up external speakers on the patio beneath us, and I had my doubts as to whether or not anyone was going to hear the CDs even if we had the player.... He snarled for a bit, and told me to go back and get the silly thing anyway.

But first, I had to shop. ;-) I made the mistake of turning my back on dafydd for five minutes while I was off buying my new velvet skirt.... As we were headed back up to the room, he dropped something into my hand. I looked down, and it was a nametag:


I should've hurt him. ;-)

Up to the room so we could all catch a quick nap...in theory. I wound up lying in bed and listening to both of them snore. But I was off my feet for 45 minutes, which was a Good Thing at that point. Limped back down to the truck with dafydd, ran off to get the CD player, and he dropped me back off by the elevator lobby while he headed back out to BFE to park. We all changed into our Brubek's t-shirts, and the party opened on-time.

By this point, everything south of my kneecaps felt like it was on fire. Being no fool, I took the ottoman from the room's one comfy chair and stationed myself next to the door, passing out the alien stickers we'd bought - or, as I took to saying much later in the evening, "alienating people." We went through over 120 stickers in the five hours we were open....

Virtual Bosnia (the guestbook we had for JG) wound up being a fairly big hit, as well. We got some great pictures of people with the I-Zone (and I still don't know what the hell I did with the extra roll of film I bought when we bought the camera) to add to the book, and some fantastic comments from folks, including a few veterans. I don't think we're going to get the official TravSF photo developed in time to send it off with the rest of JG's care package, but we've got enough other stuff to send to him that I don't think it'd matter. (More on this in Sunday's entry.)

dafydd had to leave early again; he had station duty Sunday morning, and again, was really thrilled about it - not. At least he'd gotten four days' notice on this one, as opposed to the 18 hours for Saturday morning's drill. We wound up closing the room down around 2:30....

And the ravers on the patio were still at it. We'd had FLARE come through a couple of times, and talked to ConOps about it before the party had opened, so the volume wasn't as bad as it had been the night before - but it still meant we couldn't open the door to the balcony if we wanted to hear ourselves think. About 3:10, there was a rather abrupt silence outside; they'd apparently been ordered to shut down.

Doug and I were asleep by 3:20. ;-)

I'll finish up the rest of these tomorrow, most likely; I've been sitting in front of the 'puter for ten hours now, and I think my eyes are about to cross.
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Just a quick note while I'm still at Baycon....

I found a black velvet skirt in the dealers' room yesterday - and it FIT! *poing* I've also ordered a custom skirt from the same people; I purchased a shawl from them last year and I wanted to get something to match. I'm probably going to wear the black skirt to the dance tonight. (Not that going to the dance is probably the wisest thing I could do, considering just how much time I've spent on my feet this weekend - but damnit, it's music!)

Last night's party kicked serious ass, too. I'll try and post in more detail when I get home, and have caught up on my sleep. (I'm really glad I have next week off....)
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So I went to the mall after work today, looking for a pillbox, 'cause I keep forgetting to grab the damn bottle in the mornings and I'm never gonna get my head back on straight if I don't get a therapeutic level in me SOMEhow. No luck there, but I did find Doug's anniversary present. It's kinda small, since I've already committed to spending waaaaaaaaaaaay too much money on the evening itself - we're having dinner at La Fondue, and then going for a post-gorge soak at Watercourse Way - but I think it's something he'll get a kick out of, at any rate. (No, I'm not telling you what it is here - he may not have touched his journal in weeks, but you know damned well that as soon as I put up something I didn't want him to see, he'd be all over it like ugly on a gorilla. *grin*) Picked up wrapping paper and an absolutely perfect card, too. Now I just have to get the silly thing wrapped before he wakes up. ;-)

And Natural Wonders is going out of business!!!! *megapout* I used to absolutely adore going in there to poke around; I've gotten tons of wintergifts there in the past. But they've already got stuff marked down as much as 75%, and they're selling off the fixtures as soon as the shelves are empty. I'll miss them....
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I am such a sucker. ;-) Stopped at Bath & Body Works this afternoon on my way home from work, 'cause Mom got me one of those Wallflower scent things for Hanukkwanzmastice and it was well past time to buy a new refill. And the queen behind the counter (I'm sorry, that's the only way to describe this boy) reminded me of Matt from the Daybreak - and I haven't thought of him in a million years....

They were having a mix-n-match, buy-three-get-one-free sale.

I mixed, and matched, and bought three. *sigh*

And landed a new addiction in the process.... The label says "Purely Silk Body Lotion." I am certain this is only because they figured something called "Sex In A Bottle" wouldn't go over very well with older demographics. (This purchase, at least, I was able to justify in my head 'cause I've been out of lotion for a while, and my skin's been frighteningly dry this winter.) It absorbs, like, immediately - I put some on my hands and immediately started using the keyboard again without fear of sliming all the letters off. ;-)

In other news, I dropped a letter off at my doctor's office this morning, asking about calling my HMO for an override. She's not in the office on Mondays, so it's gonna be at least another day before I'm back on the meds....

And I don't get to spend Wednesday with dafydd this week. *pout* He's training in San Leandro for a new part-time EMT gig all week, and getting up entirely too early to make the commute. (Well, for some values of "early," anyway. By my work schedule, he's sleeping in for three hours....) So I'm working an extra half-shift on Thursday morning to keep my brain occupied. We're going to San Luis Obispo again next weekend, so the extra money will come in handy for expenses. And I'll get to see him Saturday night at BeachBurn, so it's not like I'll totally be in withdrawal by next Wednesday.

Just mostly. ;-)
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