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I normally wouldn't post quite so soon after the last update, but I'll be at a convention all weekend, so I wanted to take a moment before I leave to talk about other ways you can help.

The flight we're presently looking at is a direct SFO->IST trip on Turkish Airlines, which is a Star Alliance member. If you have bonus miles on a partner airline that you'd be willing to contribute towards upgrading our flight out of economy class, that would help immensely. Likewise, our intention is to book our stay at the Doubletree in Old Town, so if you have Hilton HHonors points that you'd be willing to donate towards a night of our stay, that also helps our bottom line.

It was also pointed out to me earlier this week that donations through IGG require a credit card. If you don't have one, and would rather send something through PayPal or Popmoney or your preferred fund-transfer site, send me a message and I'll give you the email address to use.

Finally, and I know we've talked about this before, PLEASE boost the signal. I know all too well how tough times are for everyone, which is why it's so important that we get as many people to see the campaign as possible. You may not be able to contribute, but one of your friends might. Or one of their friends might.

Again, as always: Thank you. This is actually looking possible, and we could not have done it without your support.
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Today, [personal profile] gridlore has some history for us about Turkish baths...

Who doesn't like a nice relaxing bath and a massage? The Romans created a culture around public baths as places for relaxation, socializing, and cleanliness. When we speak of Commodus being "strangled in his bath", it doesn't mean in a tub with his rubber ducky, he was in a complex of marble rooms with pools of different temperatures and servants to clean and massage his Imperial cares away. (The question of Commodus' rubber ducky is still a matter of debate.)

Constantine took this tradition east when he moved the capital to Byzantium, and the Ottomans took to it like a duck (rubber or not) to water. These Hamams continued to be vital centers where the fates of countless business ventures and families were negotiated. Needless to say, many were breath-taking works of art.

Ever hear of Mimar Sinan? He should have been the fifth Ninja Turtle. A brilliant architect, engineer, and artist. His work defined what we think of classical Islamic styles. He was also a prodigious bridge-builder, many of which still stand and are works of art in their own right. He also built a few hamams. One of which has been restored to how it looked when it was finished in 1556. The Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam was ordered built by Hürrem Sultan, also known as Roxelana, the chief wife to Süleyman the Magnificent. A Ukranian woman, kidnapped by Tartars and sold to the court, she later rose to incredible heights of power.

Istanbul. Every building has a story.

We are at 27% of our overall goal, and 1/3 of the way through the matching funds my employer has generously offered. Thank you, once again, to everyone who has either contributed or boosted the signal so far.
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We cannot thank you enough. Have some more eye candy to celebrate.

The Hodjapasha Cultural Center is located near Topkapi Palace in the Sirkeci district, and is built in a restored hammam that dates back to the 15th century. (You'll be hearing more about hammams from us later in the campaign.) Below is a montage from Rhythm of the Dance, which combines folkloric dance from the region with more modern styles of bellydance. I'm incredibly excited about the prospect of seeing this show.

Rhythm of the Dance from HODJAPASHA DANCE THEATER on Vimeo.

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[personal profile] gridlore and I just got an amazing offer from my employer.

Between now and Thanksgiving, EarthBaby has committed to matching, dollar-for-dollar, every contribution we receive, up to a total of $4,000.00. This gets us to the $10K mark, at which point we can seriously begin booking flights and making reservations.

In addition, some time in the next week or two, we will be able to offer a great perk to everyone who contributes $50 or more. Details to follow.

You can see the wide range of contributions we've gotten so far - everything from $1 to $500. Every one of these contributions gets us closer to our goal, and for the next two months, every one of these contributions gets us twice as far.

Teşekkür ederiz, once again, to everyone who has contributed so far; if you haven't yet, and have been thinking about doing so, please consider doing it during this matching period. And whether you can contribute or not, please, PLEASE boost the signal. It's every bit as important that we get our campaign in front of as many fresh eyeballs as possible.

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I remain humbled and grateful, and will find the time to respond to all of you individually at some point.

As those of you who follow us on social media have already seen, [personal profile] gridlore and I spent yesterday afternoon/evening in the ER, after a drop in his potassium levels left him with one foot that wasn't responding to his commands as we were walking through the mall. Fortunately, we were less than 5 minutes from the hospital, and were in and out in less than 5 hours, but it only serves to underline the importance of making this trip happen sooner, rather than later.

I want these updates to be focusing on the positive aspects of our fundraiser, though, so here is today's eye candy. Istanbul Sirkeci Terminal was built in 1890 as the eastern terminus of the legendary Orient Express. Today, it houses the Istanbul Railway Museum. Doug wants a trench coat and a fedora before we go to visit, and it's not hard to see why.

Sirkeci-station Orient Express.JPG
"Sirkeci-station Orient Express". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


Again, thank you all for your support, in whatever form it takes.
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I still can't quite believe it. "Thank you" isn't strong enough, but it's what I've got.

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This is without question the biggest thing either of us has ever asked for, and that makes it damn scary. No doubt there are some of you who will call it irresponsible; that's your right, and I'm not going to try and change your minds. But [personal profile] gridlore asked, and there were friends of his who said they would be willing to help us if we put the word out. And so we have.

Click here to see our Indiegogo Life campaign
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I can't help financially, but I can spread the word.

Originally posted by [personal profile] itsamellama at Raising Funds to Move Out (Sooner)
(TW: suicidal ideation, mental illness (depression/anxiety), emotional abuse, financial anxiety)

Hello. Most of you know me as Mel. I don't have many words, but the gist is this: I have badly wanted to move out of my current place of residence for several years now due to constant emotional abuse, a negative environment, and physically unsafe/unhygienic housing conditions. I have tried my best to endure, delaying my moving out year by year, but I believe I am now at my utmost limit as tonight, I had the most intense suicidal thoughts I have had in a long time, and I am afraid of what may happen if this continues.

I want to stress that I will still try my best to save up for moving out on my own. I do have a part-time day job, and sometimes I get some tiny extra income here and there freelancing. However, anything I receive will help me get one step closer to moving out - and helping my mental and emotional health - sooner.

My original plan was to move out December 2015 (July 2015 at the earliest) but my goal now is to move out within December 2014 or by January-February 2015 at most. My goal is to save a minimum of $1000 to survive on a tight budget for three months where I live. $2000 would cover six months of living expenses. And so on.

I will keep a counter, here, of how much I've earned so far.

I know I have asked help from you all before - for my mental health therapy funds, in particular - and I am still so, so grateful for all the help that you have given me. I am so, so sorry to have to ask again - and most of all I don't want anybody to feel pressured or obligated. But if you would like to...

- donate via PayPal [or send to: mel.g.cabral[AT]gmail[DOT]com]
- donate via Gumroad
- donate via other means (bank deposit? etc.?)
- support monthly via my Patreon
- commission me for art and design
- hire me to edit your written work
- hire me to write for you (fiction/non-fiction, essays/articles/short stories/etc.)
- buy something from our RedBubble (or the FanDomination RedBubble) (we receive a small percentage of sales
- buy a pre-hand-painted notebook (or commission me for one)
- buy some ACEOs or paper bead jewelry
- buy some semi-precious stone and/or faux pearl jewelry
- buy some second hand books (I might put up more soon)
- commission me to record audio (readings?) or video of myself for you (for whatever reason)
- signal boost

... or something else, or anything at all, I would be so, so, so grateful. Every dollar, every peso helps. Thank you for reading.
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[livejournal.com profile] madelineusher/[tumblr.com profile] sailorcipher lost their* job about six weeks ago. Aisu qualified for unemployment, but the payments don't cover rent, to say nothing of food. They have a couple of really good job prospects, but neither of them is likely to come through before they run out of funds, unfortunately, so if any of you know of queer-friendly, transit-accessible transitional housing on the SF Peninsula (even just a couch they can surf for a week or two), that would be HUGE.

If any of you would be interested in sponsoring a transit pass for Aisu (they currently live in VTA's service area, but SamTrans/MUNI/BART could all be beneficial), drop me a line and I'll help arrange getting it to them. And if anyone would like to contribute directly, their PayPal address is prussia(at)ucla(dot)edu.

*genderqueer, requests singular they pronouns
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Yes, I sound like a broken record. No, I don't care. While this is a Flexible Funding campaign, the further from goal they are when the deadline hits, the bigger a chunk IGG takes off the top. Please support the campaign if you can, and boost the signal if you can't.

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A Revelation In Fit

I wound up emailing the campaign founder in frustration - her proposed size range stops just short of my current needs - and got an amazingly compassionate and informative response from her. I am more than happy to back the campaign, and hope you will too, SF Bay Area local or not.
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SF Bay Area costumer Trystan L. Bass was diagnosed with breast cancer late last month, and is currently running a virtual garage sale to raise funds for the inevitable bills that lie ahead. She is also accepting direct donations, and offers a list of resources on, among other things, how not to say the wrong thing when dealing with a serious illness in your social circle.

(crossposted to [community profile] signalboost)
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With thanks to [personal profile] digitalsidhe for the heads-up: A restaurant worker at the Nordstrom Café in Stonestown Galleria has been diagnosed with typhoid fever, probably acquired during a trip outside the US.

Anyone who ate at the Nordstrom Cafe within the Nordstrom store in the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco on April 16, 17, 18, 20, or 27, 2013 may be at risk. Health officials advise these individuals to see a healthcare provider right away if they start to experience symptoms such as fever, weakness, stomach pains, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. In some cases a rash of flat, rose-colored spots may appear. Symptoms usually begin within 8 to 14 days after exposure, but could potentially appear for up to 30 days.

For more information, see this press release (in PDF form) from the SF Department of Public Health.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] karadin at Boston: How To Help

Trying to reach a loved one? Text, don’t call
The Massachusetts Emergency Management agency tweeted the message earlier that if you’re trying to reach friends and family and can’t get through via phone, texting is your best option as it requires less bandwidth. The Boston mayor’s hotline is also a land line option: 617-635-4500.

If you are ‘Safe and Well,’ please register to say so
The Red Cross Safe and Well page exists to let concerned friends and family know you’re OK. Sign in there if you are in the Boston area and someone might be worried about you. The Red Cross also urges you to update your social media pages, too.

Reach out with tips
The crime tips hotline in Boston can be reached at 800-494-TIPS.

House someone who is displaced
Boston.com has set up a Google Doc for those who need a place to stay or have a place to house runners who can’t get back to their hotels or fly out of the city.

Schedule a future time to give blood
The Red Cross tweeted that there’s is “enough blood on shelves to meet demand,” following the tragedy in Boston. However, American Red Cross spokeswoman Anne Marie Borrego tells NBC News that she encourages those who want to help or give back in some way to schedule a time in the future to give blood. Most importantly, people — especially those in Boston — can help by visiting the Safe and Well website, and to “listen to local authorities.”
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] ashbet at Public TinTin post, for all the people not on my FL who have been awesome enough to share :) - comments disabled; please leave your congratulations on the original post!

TinTin Is Adopted!!!

We drove 3 hours to Louisiana where she had a joyous reunion (just "union" doesn't sound right) with her new family, who were just delighted to see her!! They're already getting along famously, and I can tell that it's going to be a really wonderful placement for her <3

Thanks so much to everyone who has been supportive and has spread the word and left nice comments for her!! We still love our visiting floofball and always will -- so I'm glad that we found her a home with people who will keep in touch, both with us and with her original family ^___^
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] ashbet at Help TinTin find an only-cat forever home! (Dallas, TX area, will travel) - comments disabled; please follow up with her directly!

The placement we'd been hoping for seems to have fallen through, so I'm looking for a home for our beautiful foster girl, TinTin. (As regular readers of my journal know, we started fostering TinTin in November, because her owners needed to leave on an emergency basis from a domestic-violence situation.)

She is a sweetheart, incredibly friendly and people-oriented, loves to be petted, will play fetch with her feather-wand toy, likes to talk once she gets to know you, enjoys drinking from a faucet/cat-fountain, and enjoys being brushed (Maine Coons don't need daily brushing and don't get mats if they're indoor cats, but it helps keep her coat silky.)

She gets along well with older children (12 and up -- she hasn't been around younger children much, so I couldn't swear to that), she's fine with dogs, but she needs to live in an *only-cat household* -- we'd be adopting her ourselves, but unfortunately she had been bullied by a younger male cat in her previous home, and because of that, she has been aggressive with our young male cat (chasing, not fighting, but he's scared of her, and I'm having to keep them separated, so this can't be a permanent placement for her.)

She's six years old, FeLV and FIV-negative, she's up-to-date on her shots, we have her complete medical records, our vet says she's healthy and in good shape, she's 15.5 pounds, she's microchipped (and the chip info can be transferred to her new owner), and she would make a *wonderful* companion animal for anyone who is willing to let her be the only cat in their home -- in return, she'll lavish you with affection and joyous floof! :)

More pics here!

Please contact me at ashbet@gmail.com if you are interested -- and I am making this post public, so please share far and wide!!

My apologies to those of you who have seen this more than once from me; I'm still trying to figure out how best to share posts that start on LJ, because they are hidden from view on DW when they get imported.
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I met [livejournal.com profile] jennilee_rose through pundit fandom, and she's Good People. Take a look, please! (Comments disabled; questions should go directly to her.)

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] jennilee_rose at Signal boost please! - Jewelry Sales for Phi Beta Lambda Trip!
So I'm in a student organization at Illinois State University called Phi Beta Lambda. I used to be my chapter's Webmaster, but next year I'll be State Secretary! Woo hoo! I am eager to go to San Antonio Texas for the National Leadership Conference Later this month (June 24th - 27th) I'm also competing in an event called Computer Concepts at this conference.

What that means is I am going to need money to take this trip. I already have my travel and hotel paid for, but I need some extra for food/misc. So, I'm selling hand-made jewelry!

Pearl and Red Crystal Full Set

To see more: https://www.facebook.com/JennileeRoseDesigns Look for the albums tagged "For Sale". All items are available unless I post a comment stating otherwise. If you're interested in a piece or set, please email me at jennileerose at gmail dot com and include the item number of the item you're interested in. I'll respond to confirm it's availability and give you further directions on how to order using PayPal.

I know the times are tough, so if you cannot buy any, please signal boost! I have less than two weeks to sell as much as I can. I'll be adding new pieces next week too.

oh and if you're local to me (Champaign-Urbana IL) you can meet me to pick up/pay for the jewelry and take $2 off (because the shipping price is included)

(For some reason, this isn't showing up on my reading page now that I've imported it from LJ. Here's hoping that tweaking the icon is enough to make it work.)


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